Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pulau Ubin - Celestial Resort

Last weekend, we went to Pulau Ubin with Mommy, Daddy and Daddy's colleagues. We took a bum-boat from Changi Point. It my first time riding a bum-boat. I was so excited.

Our sleepy-head Leonitus just woke up from his nap, just in time to enjoy the boat ride.

When we reached Pulau Ubin's jetty, we took a "taxi" which was actually more like a mini van to Celestial Resort, which we stayed for the night.

After a quick lunch, we took a short nap to recharge our energy.

There were some stray dogs in the resort but they were mostly harmless and very friendly.

This is my new friend, Dawn, we played bubbles together at the resort's lagoon.

Then we headed for the water for a dip with Mommy.

Daddy rented a canoe and paddled us around the lagoon.

There were some toys on the beach, we were busy build sandcastles.

Time to go back for a quick shower, it was close to dinner time. We had lots of fun at the tiny lagoon.

In the evening, we had a BBQ dinner and a birthday celebration. It was Dawn's 3rd birthday!

I made another good friend, Annabell. She is turning 6 this Aug, but we were almost the same size!

Together, we had lots of laughter and played lots of games.

Next morning, we were on our way to Hornbill restaurant of the resort when we spotted several Hornbills up in the tree near the restaurant. I think this was how the restaurant got its name.

Breakfast was complimentary of the resort. It was simple but not fantastic though.

After breakfast, we went to the fish spa and fed our feet to the hungry fish.

Then it was a trip to the resort's jetty for some pictures before heading back to our duplex chalet to pack up.

Look at what Leonitus was trying to do. Mommy said he might be practicing yoga. Hahaha...

I enjoyed myself very much and was very glad to have met Dawn and Annabell in this trip. I hope we would see each other again some time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Today is Father's Day. Mommy gave us all a lunch treat at Sakae Sushi, at the mall near our home, Lot One. Then we went over to MOF to eat ICE-CREAMS!!

After lunch, we went back to take our naps, when we woke up, we returned to Lot One again. This time was for MOVIE!!

It's our first time in a cinema and we were watching KUNG FU PANDA 2! How awesome!

We love you, Daddy!! Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Video starring Leonitus, being made to stand by the wall as a punishment for biting Mommy.

Don't worry about the last part of the video. That was Leonitus sitting down on Mommy and causing Mommy to drop her camera.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rollin' Good Times

This is why we love it whenever Daddy is at home. He is way better than any rides found in the mall.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


We were at West Coast Plaza earlier and the mall is now exhibiting sand sculptures. They are so interesting!

I hadn't expect to see so many sand sculptures in-door.

And for as little as $4, you can get your hands on some sandy bottle art. This is my first time trying to make art using colored sand.

Leonitus and Daddy were amazed by me, the artist at work.

Filling my bottle with sand of my favorite color - PINK!

Half-way there...

TADDAA!!! It's done! Isn't it pretty?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This time round, our dare-devil had his head grazed, diving off the sofa! What will he be up to next??

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Children's Tui Na

It was a stormy Sunday morning, Daddy and Mommy woke up unusually early and drove in a crazy weather just so that we can visit this Chinese Physician, somewhere in the east. We had been coughing for the last one week.

They must be really good because the clinic was so crowded even on a morning with such a horrid downpour that flooded so many parts of Singapore. They specialised in children's tui na, a type of Chinese massage that could improve ailments from cold to hyperactivity!

I LOVE my tui na to the MAX! Totally enjoying myself, as you can tell from the pictures below.

Leonitus was fine at the beginning but became slightly cranky towards the end, but luckily there were lots of toys and books to keep children, like him, entertained. And the tui na shi-fus were real good with children too.

Mommy is afraid to disclose the name of the Chinese Physician on this post for the fear that the freakishly long queue could become even longer. But if you are dying to know about this place, do email my mommy privately.

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