Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Mood

Why didn't I get any invites to go to a Halloween Party? See, I already have more than one character to dress up in.

I look good as a princess. I can be Sleeping Beauty! Or Cinderella!

Or I could be passed off as a Japanese Manga Character with this pink-colored wig of Mommy's.

I so wanted to go to a Halloween Party! Somebody, please invite me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MBS Staycation

We had an over-night stay at the Marina Bay Sands over the weekend. The moment we checked into our hotel room, we changed and headed straight for the pool at the Sky Park.

I was pretending to be a mermaid. Hehehe....

Leonitus loves to be thrown high up in the air. He is the devil-dare of our family.

We chilled out by the pool beds.

Watched the world passed us by below our feet.

I enjoyed splashing and getting everyone wet!

Mommy didn't bring her swim suit so she was the photographer for us.

Heading down to Singapore Flyers for dinner with our grandparents.

More pictures taken while waiting for our food to be served....

The next morning, Mommy left for work after we had our breakfast, Daddy brought us around and took more pictures of us.

We were checking out the picturesque view at the lift lobby.

Back to the hotel to pack up before we check out and head home.

We had a delightful time even though Mommy had to work on a Sunday, but it was okay, we had Daddy who took care of everything for us.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Growing Up

Leonitus, at 20 months old, can't wait to eat on his own. He refuses to have anyone feed him anymore. My little brother is growing up fast!

And I am his good role model, feeding and eating well on my own.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bioresonance Therapy

I wasn't just sitting on a comfortable chair watching cartoon, I was actually receiving therapy - Bioresonance Therapy, which is supposed to use the principles of quantum physics to modify my electromagnetic oscillations in order to attain balance of my body’s energetic imbalances. These energetic imbalances result in conditions such as my allergies, eczema & food intolerance.

I had always been told I suffer from allergies, that is why I keep sneezing and have stuffy nose. But I really do not know what I was allergic to until recently. With Bioresonance Therapy, I was diagnosed with food intolerance; eating gluten, lactose and seafood make me sick.

As Bioresonance Therapy is considered as an alternative form of medical treatment. We are still unsure if it really works, so I was to be the lab rat for the family. If this works, I believe Leonitus would be able to get over his asthma too. *finger crossed.

Share your view, if you know about this therapy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Celebrating 外婆's birthday

It would be my  外婆's birthday on Monday, we gave her a treat at Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant at Plaza Singapura yesterday evening.

外婆 was busy going through the menu, picking up dishes she likes.

Uncle Eric, Aunt Honey and Cousin Caine were also joining us in the celebration.

Leonitus wanted to feed himself.

Look at the table full of emptied dishes. We were so FULL!

Our family photo together.

As we were quite well-behaved throughout the dinner, we were given a chance to take a ride. The boys were riding inside and as for me...

I was right on top!

Happy Birthday to my 外婆. Hope you like the Osim Usqueez Warm Leg Massager that we bought you.

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