Monday, June 18, 2012

East Coast Park with Baby Egon

It was a last minute arrangement to head to East Coast Park with Baby Egon and his family. The weather was sunny and hot, so the cool sea breeze felt really good.

We didn't bring our suit wear so the most I could get was to soak my feet in the water.

When we had enough of playing on the beach, we took our bikes and went for a spin.

Leonitus was really interested in this go-kart, but Mommy thinks he is still too young to ride one, but posing for a picture on it was OK.

After an enjoyable time biking, we were all tired. So we went to Carl's Junior and had a great time eating and catching up with each other.

Can't wait to come out and play with Baby Egon again. Miss you and love you, Baby E!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Genting, Malacca, JB (Jun 8-10)

We reached Genting on Friday afternoon, after checking-in to the hotel, Awana Genting Golf and Country Resort, we made our way to the Genting Skyway.

About 15 mins ride on the cable car, we reached the summit of Genting. The weather was so cool, we loved it!

After dinner, we took the Rio Float ride in the indoor theme park of Genting.

There was a man in ghostly make-up near the haunted house ride, Leonitus wasn't afraid of him, in fact he wanted to have his picture taken together with that scary-looking uncle.

Next morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we went for a walk in the hotel's garden, where there was a large cage with poultry and birds inside.

We picked up some nuts from the foot of a pine tree and took them home as souvenirs.

More pictures around the hotel and golf course before we checked out.

Our last stop at Genting was the Genting Strawberry Farm. But the strawberries were really tiny so we didn't buy any.

Besides strawberries, the farm also has flowers, like roses, lavenders and morning glories.

After leaving Genting, we made our way to Malacca, but not before taking a detour and made a stop a Port Dickson where Daddy wanted to check out the site of the resort he invested.

After hours on the road, we finally reached Malacca. There was a mini amusement park near our hotel, where we took motorcycles rides, pretending to be cool bikers.

Beside Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel (our hotel in Malacca), was a musical fountain which starts at 8pm and ends around midnight. I danced in front of the fountain and it felt so good!

The highlight of our trip in Malacca must be the river taxi. The 30 mins ride on the Melaka River was fun and educational. We even saw a lizard swimming in the water.

Lunch had to be the famous chicken rice balls from Famosa Chicken Rice Ball near Renaissance Melaka Hotel. It was cheap and good!

Our on way back, we stopped by Johor Premium Outlets, a place where Mommy also wanted to go, but in the end she didn't find anything good to buy.

That is it for our 3-day Malaysian road trip where we were coughing and sneezing throughout the journey but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves and looking forward to our next trip!

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