Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, 婆婆!

婆婆's birthday is on the coming Wednesday, so we decided to throw a small party for her, at our home today. Mommy prepared a steamboat feast and invited my uncle Eric's family to join us in the celebration as well.

At 6pm, 婆婆 arrived. She smiled when she see the decoration we have done up in our dinning room. We even had a party hat for her.

After dinner, Mommy brought out the gluten-free brownie she baked for 婆婆 as her birthday cake.

婆婆 is so happy to be with her three little 宝贝!

Finally we can eat the brownie. Both Leonitus and I had two pieces because it's too yummy to stop at one. Our cousin, Caine, likes the brownie too!

Mommy prepared a present for me to give to 婆婆 .

Hope 婆婆 will like her present and stay healthy and happy always!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Noisy F1 Race

We were having dinner at Marina Square over the F1 weekends. The sound of the racing cars was deafening!

We could catch a glimpse of the cars from this area. Leonitus had his hands over his ears all the time. He finds it too noisy for him to bear.

It's going to be five more years of F1 noise, my brother, deal with it. Hehehe...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yummy Mooncake

Mommy bought us the Snow Skin Mooncakes with Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls from Raffles Hotel. They are so so yummy! No wonder they cost $60 for a box of eight. Luckily Mommy only had to pay $45 after some corporate discount.

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Last Saturday we went to East Coast Food Centre for dinner. After dinner, the time was still quite early, so we went to the beach for a walk. When we reached the beach, we were greeted by lots of sandcastles!

Look at how beautiful this sandcastle was. There were even figurines of dragons and warriors to make it even more interesting.

We were so inspired, we wanted to make some sandcastles too! But all we managed to make was two moulds of sand. We will try harder next time. Hehe...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our lovely weekend

Last Saturday, we went to pay our Godparents and their babies a visit before going over to MBS to pick Daddy (who was attending a seminar) up. Then after dinner at Lau Pa Sat, the time was still early, so we dropped in at Gardens by The Bay for a short while.

Look at the Super Trees! They are really huge and tall!

The lights make it look like a gigantic Christmas tree.

We want to come back here again in the day time to visit the Flower Doom and Cloud Garden some time soon.

On Sunday, I went for my art lesson and then we went to have dinner with our grandparents because it was Ah Gong's birthday.

As we are in-tolerance towards wheat flour and couldn't eat the birthday cake, Mommy had baked some blueberries muffins earlier that day and brought them along so we can have something to munch on while the other people enjoyed the cake.

That was our lovely weekend, one that was warm, cozy and relaxed, spent with our dearest family.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Trip to the Singapore Zoo

We have no school today, so Mommy decided to be brave and took us to the zoo by herself, because Daddy has to work today.

The giant pandas have arrived in Singapore but they are still in quarantine so we don't get to meet them yet.

Leonitus was scared of the pygmy hippo, he refused to have his picture taken with it, but I wasn't not afraid yet all.

There was a truck in the Australian outback enclosure, we pretended to be the rangers.

I was captivated by the orang utans, I just sat on the bench and watch them swing from branch to branch.

Here is a picture of us with our dearest Mommy.

Look at the komodo dragon, I wonder if it spit fire.

We enjoyed the fragile forest enclosure best because we get to see many animal at extremely close range, like butterflies, bats, sloth and many more.

I even get to have a butterfly resting on my hand. It was so cool!

Oppss... it flew away, just like that.

This animal is so lazy, it just stayed like this even when some visitors went up to pat it. But Mommy said we can't pat the animals because they are wild and they might bite.

After walking around the park for two hours, we stop and took a 5 minutes break, had a snack and some water before moving on to see more animals.

We saw some giraffes. It was their feeding time, so we get to see them up close, standing on a platform. They are really such tall creatures.

It was almost close to our lunch time, we were going to take the river boat back to Dock 1, which is situated near the exit.

It was photo time on the boat.

We were leaving Dock 2 and will soon be heading home after our lunch at KFC.

I think Leonitus can't bear to leave the place, we both love the zoo too much.

Next time, we will visit again, and we will bring Daddy along too.

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