Monday, December 28, 2009

Photography @ Lim Chu Kang and Jurong Hilltop

Last Sunday, before going to dinner with my grandparents, Daddy wanted to test out his new SLR camera, so we went to Lim Chu Kang and Jurong Hilltop for some phototaking.

These following pictures of me and Daddy were taken by Mommy who was toying around with Daddy's camera. Mommy can take quite good pictures too, don't you agree? Or maybe it was because me and Daddy were such good models!

Now this series of pictures are taken by Daddy who is getting better and better each day with his new camera!

Mommy loves these following pictures of me. She feels that it shows the fun-loving but angelic side of me.

Mommy thinks I might have the potential to be a model. Plus I am quite tall for my age. Any modelling agency wants me?? I am the next Laetitia Casta ok!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Lunch at 二姑婆's place

It is a yearly tradition for Mommy to go to my 二姑婆 's house for Christmas lunch and this year was no exception.

二姑婆 has a very big Christmas tree and there is even a Santa Clause under the tree. I didn't realise the Santa was next to me when Daddy asked me to pose for pictures. See my surprise (more like disgusted) look on the 4th picture below.

Kaka Endah "forced" me to take picture. LOL!

The adults think that the three of us would make a great picture together.

But when are the boys ever gonna look at the camera??

Forget them, I am going to pose for the pictures on my own. "CHEESE!!"

This was me, attempting to do the favourite among the adults --- Karaoke!!

Here is a picture of me, my very pregnant Mommy and Aunt Jennifer who had just given birth to a baby boy, half a year back.

Found something to entertain myself. What a cute singing X'mas Bear!

Good time flies, before I knew it, it was time to head home. See all of you next Christmas....

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas!

I waited and waited and waited....

Finally, it's Christmas and I can rip open all my presents!! YEAH!!

Let me open the first present. It's from my Godma.

Gosh.. There is so many things inside. A Playdoh Set, a pink hairband, hello kitty hair accessories and a Sesame Street bag! 4 in 1!!

Next, a present from my favorite neighbor, Abigail jiejie. Look, this is my second Care Bear!

I LOVE IT already!!!

Then comes the present from my most loved 舅舅.

It's a Winnie, The Pooh drinking tumbler. I am gonna use it immediately! Mmm... the water taste sweeter drinking from it!

There are also other presents, like 2 dresses from Mommy and Daddy, a towel from Auntie Sammy, Endah Kaka's friend and a tiger hand puppet from my grandaunt.

With all those lovely presents and many yummy goodies to eat, I just love Christmas so much! I hope you had an awesome Christmas too!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First Pair of High Heels

My Godma's mom went to Taiwan and bought me a pair of 2 inches tall high heels. And just like my Mommy, I simply loves SHOES!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Snowing" @ Mt Faber

Earlier, Mommy and Daddy brought me to The Jewel Box at Mount Faber.

I waited very patiently for the lighting up of the tallest man-made X'mas Tree and the most anticipated 'Snow Show" will start along with it.

Meanwhile, let's pose and take some pictures with the X'mas Tree.

Daddy carried me to watch the lighting up of the tallest X'mas Tree.

Finally it was the start of the 'Snow Show".

From my expression, you should know I was disappointed to discover that the "snow" was actually soapy foam!

Before we left Jewel Box, we caught this very beautifully decorated tree. It is so fairy-tale like.

How I wish there will be real snow in Singapore. *humpf.

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