Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Visit to Sembawang Park

Last Sunday we went to Sembawang Park for a relax stroll in the park and Daddy brought along his DSLR camera to take some photos.

There was a playground in the park and it has safety swings for little children like me and Leonitus. We had to take turns on the swings because there were other children too.

When Mommy pushed the swing high up towards the sky I felt as though I was flying! I really like it!

Mommy carrying Leonitua on the swing. I think he liked it too.

Then Leonitus tried taking the swing on his own; he liked it even more!

After we got off the swings, we went for the slides.

Kaka joined in to have fun too!

Down I slided, follow by Kaka right behind me on this very tall slide.

After leaving the playground, we went to take a walk along the beach. But it wasn't as nice as the one we went to in Bintan.

Leonitus was tired and he took a cat nap while we walked back to get our car.

Before reaching the carpark, we saw a handsome looking Golden Retriever.

I was able to pat it after a short moment of interaction. Nice doggy!

Left Sembawang Park, headed for dinner with our grandparents and after dinner we visited our grandaunts at their home. And that was my happy Sunday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eat, Eat, Eat all over Clark Quay

Yesterday, we went to Clark Quay for dinner. The first stop we made was at the Read Bridge where the Singapore Food Festival is happening.

It was too crowded so I wanted Mommy to carry me.

Daddy was buying Rojak from this stall, so I stood there to pose for picture while waiting for our Rojak to be done.

Because of the crowd and the lack of space for a comfortable dinner, we only had Rojak and Bak Gu Teh then we left the bridge, searching for another place to have a proper dinner for the family.

While walking around Clark Quay, I became quite fascinated by this "nemo fish" toy. But I didn't ask Daddy to buy because I have a lot of toys at home already, or so said Mommy.

Finally we settled for Mexican food. The restaurant is nice, quiet and really cozy. See, Leonitus was so relaxed.

Before dinner was served, Mommy drew me some pictures to keep me occupied, that way I would not tear down the restaurant while waiting for my food.

The frozen Margarita was really delicious. Don't worry, that one I tasted was the "virgin" one; without alcohol that is.

Mommy promised that if I eat my dinner, we would go for some Turkish ice-cream.

The ice-cream seller kept making fun of me. First he gave me a really BIG scoop of ice-cream then he kept taking it away from me.

Finally, I got my ice-cream. Mommy seemed happier than me to have the ice-cream.

The funny uncle was really quite nice, he gave a mini cone of ice-cream for Leonitus, absolutely no charge.

Leonitus enjoyed his ice-cream as much as I did, but Daddy ate most of it.

So we ate Singaporean, Mexican and Turkish food all in one dinner, it was all quite amazing!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Getaway to Bintan

Last weekend, we had a short vacation at Bintan Lagoon Resort for 3 days/ 2 nights. Daddy were just thrilled to have a break, especially one with the whole family.

We went to the beach for a evening stroll before heading to a really nice beach-front restaurant for dinner.

Next morning, after breakfast, we went to swim in the pool.

Leonitus didn't have the chance to join us at the beach because it was near to his feeding time, so he went back to the hotel room with kaka while Daddy, Mommy and I headed for the beach.

The water was really clear, I could see fish swimming beside me; that freaked me out and I insisted to have Daddy carrying me most of the time.

After our naps, we went to Pasar Oleh Oleh. It was a very hot and sunny afternoon, so I decided to borrow Mommy's sunglasses.

Leonitus climbed onto my back like a monkey! Get off me, Leonitus!

On the last day of our stay, we went swimming in the other pool of the resort. This one has 2 water slides. I tried them both with Daddy and Mommy.

I am just me, I will find time for tantrum even when I am on holiday.

But most of the time, I am just cheerful like a lark!

Daddy, Mommy, let's go holiday again, ok!?

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