Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Day @ The Warren

Today, we woke up in the morning to music and some DJ talking. There was a carnival going on downstairs, near the pool and function rooms. It's Family Day Celebration at our condo.

There were free Candy Floss, Popcorns, Ice Popsicle and interesting games to play.

Daddy and I played this game where I have to dunk the mini basketballs into a basket, but I didn't get any in. But I had fun anyway.

In this game, I have to throw the loops onto some bowling pins and with Daddy's help, I managed to get one in.

It's time to go back home, I am hot and sticky already.

I did win something eventually... a pencil! I love Family Day and everyday can be my family day as long as I get to play with Daddy and Mommy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eating Spaghetti With My Hands

Now that I am older, sometimes it can be difficult to get me to eat my meals. That day, Mommy cooked some very delicious spaghetti, but I refused to eat.

Kaka encouraged me to try some; so I used my fingers and picked up one string of noodle and gosh, it tasted really good. I ended up eating the whole plate with my hands.

Mommy was just glad that I am eating my food, she couldn't care less how I eat them.

Actually I can be very civilised too. See, I know how to eat with proper utensil, but sometimes food just tastes better eating with my bare hands!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Fav Phrase

I would be celebrating my second birthday in less than 2 weeks time. Mommy is hoping what she is seeing of me is already the peak of my terrible two and I would not get any worst after my birthday. Her fingers are so crossed.

My favorite phrase recently has been "don't want.. don't want..."

Mommy: "Laetitia, shower now please."
Laetitia: "Don't want.. don't want.."
Mommy: "OK, shower's over, let's get you out."
Laetitia: "Don't want.. don't want.."

Mommy: "Laetitia, do you want to drink milk?"
Laetitia: "Don't want.. don't want.."
Mommy: "Here's your milk, Laetitia."
Laetitia: "Don't want.. don't want.."

(But arms stretched out to reach for the bottle.)



Sunday, November 22, 2009

My New Cast

Last Tue, Mommy brought me to KK Hospital where I had another round of X-ray as well as examination by my surgeon and then got my cast changed.

The new cast is harder and best of all... it is PINK! In fact, there were many colors to choose from, like green, blue, red, etc.

I have gotten quite used to having a cast on my arm....

But at times, I can be pretty cranky and gets frustrated easily.

But sleeping with my cast has not been a problem for me so far.

My surgeon says that the wires holding my broken bones had shifted due to my excessive movement but luckily my bones had fused back together. He then asked Mommy to watch me closely and restrict my activities so that the wires would not slip out further.

I have to have my cast on until 10th Dec, which means it would be many more days before I get to see my left elbow. And I would be celebrating my 2nd birthday with it on. That's sad!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Visitors and Presents

Today Aunt Sylvia, Aunt Sharen and her family came to visit me. There was Risley kor kor whom I had lots of fun playing with. I really like his company!

They also brought me presents to cheer me up. I received a purple Care Bear and my first Barbie doll!

Actually, coming to think of it, fracturing my arm isn't that bad afterall. Kekeke....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

After My Surgery...

I was discharged from the hospital the day after my surgery. The doctor had used "wires" to fix my broken bone back; now all we can do is to wait for the bones to recover.

This is me, Day 3. Instead of showering twice a day, I would be clean up with a towel in the afternoon and shower only in the evening to prevent my cast from getting wet.

Mommy says I can be a dirty cat for one month. *MEOW!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Broken Arm

Today while I was in school, I fell down during gym class and broke my left arm. It is quite bad and I needed surgery to fix the broken bones back.

It's so painful, I just kept crying. Daddy and Mommy are both very worried and sad to see me like this. My arm is now in cast and it will take a month or so before it can be removed. I am so miserable right now :((

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To the Underwater World

Today, our school excursion trip brought us to Sentosa Underworld World!

It was such a fun time for all of us. I saw lots of different types of marine creatures and I even got to touch the starfish! How cool was that!!

It was a pity that Mommy couldn't come with us but it's OK, we took a lot of pictures to show her.

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