Saturday, July 20, 2013

Short Walk in Botanic Gardens

It was a lazy sunny afternoon, we went for a short walk in the Botanic Gardens before we head for town to pick Daddy up from his class.

Leonitus brought along his scooter to practice his scooting. He is still not so good at turning, but doing alright on straight.

I was trying to jump to touch those leaves above me, but they were out of my reach. Mommy said I was behaving like a monkey. LOL!

We went to the Swan Lake and saw two swans; they were swimming so gracefully towards us. The sight of the swans got many people excited and we gathered around, admiring the swans.

Godma also brought her twin to join us. The twin are now beginning to walk, it should be soon for them to be able to chase us.

Before we realized, it was time for us to go and pick Daddy up. I promised Godma that we will arrange for a picnic at the Botanic Gardens next time so that we can spend a longer time playing with the twin.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Uninvited Visitor

Just now something unusual happened, a bat flew into our house! A baby bat!

It was flying around our dinning and living room hysterically. Mommy caught it with a fish net and put it into a plastic container.

Leonitus was terrified of it at first and went over to examine it cautiously.

Mommy assured him that the little bat was harmless and probably it was feeling lost and scared, only then Leonitus relaxed and stood beside it to have a picture taken.

I was also just as fascinated by this uninvited visitor.

Mommy wanted to bring the bat downstairs to release it, but noticed that it seemed a little exhausted or maybe even unwell. So Mommy brought it over to our neighbour who is more experienced with animals. He is kind enough to take the bat in and agree to help it get better before setting it free.

Be well soon, little bat! And fly, fly away into the blackened night where you belongs.
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