Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival 2013

Yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival, but I like to call it Lantern Festival because Singapore really doesn't have four seasons and it is just summer all year round.

Anyway, after eating out D24 durian mooncake, we got out lanterns and headed to the park.

There were already many people in the park, carrying their lanterns or lighting up candles and sparklers.

We had wanted to play and get ourselves dirty at the playground, but we kind of just showered, so we will leave that for another day.

We walked round the park to the darker area where our lanterns really glowed!

It was close to our bedtime and we got to head home. Mommy was quite surprised that we didn't burn down our lanterns because this is the first time we were using real flames, and not bulbs.

This morning, Mommy woke up early to dress us up for our school's Mid Autumn celebration. She dressed us to a retro theme. Haha..

Finally Mommy was able to capture a decent picture of Leonitus who is always goofing around in front of the camera.

Looking forward to have that last durian mooncake in the fridge. I heard it is a Mao Shan Wang one! Yummy!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Biggest Chair and Grandpa's Birthday

Did our Mommy shrink us with her magic wand?

No. we were not shrunken. We were at the Singapore Expo's Furniture Fair and there was a gigantic chair at the entrance, so we decided to climb on it.

It was quite fun, we really do look like little people sitting on some giant's favourite chair!

Don't I look like a rag-doll left on the chair?

Then over the weekend, we celebrated our Grandpa's birthday. He was so happy. Look at him grinning from ear to ear.

We bought him a D24 durian cake, it was so yummy! But Mommy hates durian, so she didn't want any.

That was how we spent our weekend. Simple and fun! How did you spend yours?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Better Than Bird Park

We'd just been to the Jurong Bird Park, and we did enjoy ourselves very much. But this place is better than Jurong Bird Park because we got to feed, hold, touch, handle and play with the birds, and most importantly there is NO ADMISSION CHARGES, whatsoever!

So where is this amazing place? It's at Farmart Centre, near Sungei Tengah Road.

We were there for dinner, last weekend and then we met this group of avid bird lovers who gathered at the space beside the food centre. Leonitus' curiosity drawn him to the birds and we were surprised when one of the bird owners let Leonitus handle a very tamed lovebird!

Subsequently, we got better with the birds and the owners just let us played with them. Almost all the birds were very tamed and well-trained. They were from the parrot family, like lovebirds, budgies, cockatiel etc. Some even performed very impressive tricks, better than some that we saw at the Bird Park!

Disclaimer: These birds belong to a few uncles who gathered Farmart for leisure. They didn't charge us for handling or playing with their pet birds. However, they can refuse you from touching them, if you aren't welcome. So let's just say, we were certainly too cute for the uncles and they adored us so much, they let us play with their pet birds!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jurong Bird Park 2013 (Part 2)

Besides birds watching, Jurong Bird Park is a great place for play too! Every children who visit Juring Bird Park must go to Birdz of Play - a bird-themed wet and dry children's playground

Actually, we forgot to bring our swim wears, but Daddy couldn't bear to see us disappointed, decided to buy us new swim wears at the Birdz of Play's retail outlet. How do you like my polka dots pinky new swim wear?

Guys are always easy. A new pair of dark swim shorts and Leonitus was off to have fun!

It was really hot and sunny, a perfect day to get wet!

After close to two hours of baking in the sun, we had some sorbet from Ben & Jerry's to cool us down.

Then we got into some swings and laughed our heads off when Daddy and Mommy took turns to push our swings and propelled us into the air!

We had such a great time at the Jurong Bird Park and we definitely want to come back for more!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jurong Bird Park 2013 (Part 1)

It has been a while since I last visited Jurong Bird Park and since my little brother has not been here, Mommy thought it might be good to visit the park as a family.

First up, the Penguin Coast. The ship like structure is actually the penguin's exhibit. 

I really like penguins, especially the little ones, known as Humboldt Penguins. They are so cute!

You can catch the penguin feeding twice a day. Once at 10.30am and the next at 3.30pm. It was fun to watch as the penguins diving into the water for the fish.

We caught the Kings of the Skies show, where many birds of preys show off their hunting nature. This below is a vulture. Mommy read me a book which explains why vultures are bald. It is because they are such messy eaters, it's better for them to be bald than to be pieces of dead carcasses stuck to their heads!

The magnificent flight of a hawk. It was flying above our heads with its wings wide spread. So beautiful!

After the show, we strolled down to the Flamingo Lake and stopped by Swan Lake to have our pictures taken.

We spotted this graceful creature, standing on one leg, looking for its lunch, I supposed.

The next show was about to start, we'd better hurry.

We were just in time for High Flyer Show, where we were entertained by parrots, macaws, hornbills and many more.

After the show, we continued on, but Leonitus was getting a little cranky because of the weather and I had to stop and give him a lecture.

Look at this Victoria Crowned Pigeon, it had broken out of its enclosure! It must be quite brave for it to roam among the visitors.

Next, we visited Lory Loft where we can buy some bird food to feed the lories at this 9-storey high aviary.

This place is quite fun for children, because it has very cool suspension bridge and the lories are flying very near you, some even perched on your hand and shoulders!

There were many other exhibits that we visited, we enjoyed most of them very much because we can get up close to the birds and watch them as if they are in their natural habitat.

Jurong Bird Park visit was both fun and educational for us!

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