Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Find out about what I did during Earth Hour, in Mommy's blog.

I am conserving my energy.




OK, you got it. I am lazy to blog about it.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

No to High Chair

I am no longer a baby. I don't want to sit in high chair anymore! And give me a filofax, I need to plan my daily schedule.

Mon - wake up, play, eat, shower, nap, play, eat, shower, sleep.

Tue - wake up, play, eat, shower, nap, play, eat, shower, sleep.

Wed - wake up, play, eat, shower, nap, play, eat, shower, sleep.

Thur to Sun - Hmm.... same as the above!




Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fingers Painting Disaster

Daddy bought me some poster colors, hoping that it will cultivate the artist in me. So Mommy let me try some finger painting just now, but to her dismay, I was more interested in painting my body than the sheet of paper provided. This spells DISASTER!

After 2 minutes of dabbling with the colors and wiping my tainted fingers all over my legs, arms and even face, I decided that I wanted to move on.... to put some colors on the walls and the white TV console set.

Well, Mommy caught hold of me before I can do my 'art' on the walls and dragged me to the toilet for a quick wash up. Then she rushed back and kept away all the poster colors. I think it would be a long long time before I could get my hands dirty again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Memoir of Baby Laetitia

I am already in my 15th mth, so officially I am no longer a baby. I have the distinctive trait of "terrible two" even though I am still under 2.

The last 14 months of my life had been.... hmm.... not too interesting. All I did in the first 3 months was to sleep, eat, shit, sleep, eat, shit. Just like an endless cycle of repetition.

When I began to roll over, I rolled off the bed, sofa and got many bumps and bruises.

Then when I started crawling, and mobility rules! I can finally get around without relying to be carried. But life was still boring because all I that I saw were the floor, legs of tables/chair and people's ankles.

So I started to go upright, but my legs weren't ready for me, I thought out-of-the-box and walked with my knees instead of feet for a good view.

Now I am walking on my feet. Finally. Things are starting to look much more exciting!

Mommy had finally completed 12 monthly pictures of me. All these happened so quickly, Mommy says it was just a blink of her eyes and her little baby had turned into young toddler! How she misses her Lil' Baby Laetitia...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Saturday of Fun

We went to SAF Changi Resort to attend Jaeden ti ti's birthday party. The chalet was sea-facing, so we decided to go down to the patio area for a walk.

Mommy and I both love the beautiful seafront, but the sun was burning, floor was hot and we are not wearing our shoes. OUCH!

Later part of the afternoon, we went to a toy warehouse sale at Kallang Way and Daddy bought this toy train set for only $5!! What a steal!

Apparently the toy train is so much fun that Mommy was too mesmerised by it that she didn't realise that I took Daddy's can of beer. I tried to drink it but it toppled and spilled all over the floor.

Somehow I managed to taste a little bit of the beer, but I was able to hold liquor well, so I did not get drunk after that. hehehehe....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Imitator

Sometime ago, Mommy was reading the newspapers, but she don't want me to touch them because she don't like those dark ink to dirty my fingers and hands.

I got upset and threw tantrums, but she ignored me.

After I calmed down, I picked up the newsletter from a milk company and imitated how Mommy would read her papers in bed.

Mommy laughed when she realised that I had fought so hard for her papers earlier, only because I wanted to show her that I can also do a good imitation of her, reading them.

Mommies, we, toddlers learn through play and also imitations, so allow us to get our hands dirty sometimes. Let us amaze you with the things we can do.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sunny Fishy Afternoon

Today, we went to Qianhu Fish Farm to buy some fish for our mini pond at home, because all our fishes had died one by one.

Mommy said I had terrorized them to their death by putting my hands inside the pond from time to time.

There are countless number of fishes in rows and rows of tanks, I was so tempted to touch the fishes. Mommy was repeating the same sentence "Laetitia, keep your hands away from the water." every 2 minutes.

Mommy likes the Arowana Enclosure, because the tanks are covered so she don't have to keep looking out for me and my wandering hands.

So we took a picture together.

Finally, it was time to decide on our fish. Mommy asks Daddy to chose a different type of fish this time, hoping to have them live longer than their counterparts.

As you can see it was a hot sunny afternoon, and it was too hot for me, the polar bear, I was starting to get a little grouchy again.

Just why can't it snow here in Singapore??!!

OK, will update on the fish again, that is if they can live past a month of hell with me. Hehehehe....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Fun Day at Fidget

It was another awesome day at Fidget, Turf City. I had loads of fun climbing up and sliding down, throwing and kicking multi-colored balls and driving in cool looking cars.

I was fascinated by this "ball cleaning" machine which sterilizes the balls when they get into this big box over here. From the glass panel, this looks like the washing machine we have at home, except it was balls instead of clothes found inside.

Mommy was glad Aunty Janice and Uncle Steven brought Brandon ti ti along, but she was also disappointed that the rest of the other aunties and uncles weren't able to make it.

Nevertheless, I think what's important was that Brandon ti ti and I had lots of happy time together, even though we are a bit too young to know how to play with each other.

Let's hope Mommy has more success organising future outings for the Only Child Club (Babies & Toddlers) next time round.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking Pictures of Myself

I like to play with Mommy's SE mobile phone; I like it more recently after discovering that I can take pictures with it.

Here are pictures that I took of myself and one with Mommy at the background.

Mommy didn't realise it until she checked her phone and found many "weird" pictures of objects taken at odd angles. When she saw my self-taken portrait, she couldn't stop giggling to herself.

Who knows, I might one day grow up to be a famous photographer. LOL!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eating with my toy fork

Mommy had noticed that I like to pretend to feed myself when I am playing with my toy kitchen set. Hence she decided to cut up some small pieces of pear to let me to try feeding myself using the toy fork from my kitchen set.

It was so much easier when I pretend to eat, than to actually have to use my fork to poke those tiny piece of fruit. In the real world, things seemed so much harder; the fruit kept slipping away from my fork.

But I am persistent to get those pear into my mouth without using my fingers.

Finally with a bit of Mommy's help and lots of encouragements, I managed to pick up a piece of fruit with my fork. Navigating the fork into my mouth was no trouble for me since I had always been pretending to eat.

Well, this time is not just playing "ma-sa ma-sa", I did taste something when I placed the fork into my mouth. Yummy, the pear was particularly sweet because I fed myself with it! :)

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