Monday, December 24, 2007

My First Christmas

I was supposed to be born on 26th Dec 2007, but I had decided I am not gonna wait 1 year for Christmas to come, hence I decided to arrive 20 days ahead of schedule. And here I am enjoying Christmas and getting presents for the first time!
But I am too tiny to enjoy the Christmas feast. Hmm... Next year I might be ready to put that chicken into my mouth! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Night Home

After spending 3 nights in the hospital, I was finally able to come home with Mommy. It's my first night sleeping on the bed with both Mommy & Daddy. And don't worry, they didn't squash me up nor crush me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Trivia Of Me

My Name: Laetitia Ng

Yup, I don't have a dialect name, but I do have Chinese name, it's 黄尹, means "to rule". Incidentally my chinese name means: I AM A YELLOW RULER!! ~_~''

How my name was chosen:

Mommy and Daddy had wanted to name me "Lakeisha" until someone suggested "Laetitia" on Mommy's blog, which sounds alike but holds more meanings. Mommy likes it and convinced Daddy to love it too.

As for Chinese name, Daddy wanted 单名. Mommy thought it sounded like name of some China's mainlander, but Daddy got the final say. They seek 外婆 help to look up her book of ancient characters to come up with my Chinese name.

My nickname: piggy or piglet, coz I am born in the year of pig.

I am born on 6th Dec 2007, 9.49pm at Raffles Hospital.

My Weight & Length was: 3.15kg & 51cm respectively

Mommy's first impression of me: A dolly covered with whipped cream!

I was discharged on the 9th Dec 2007, slightly jaundiced, but they said it's common among newly born babies. Mommy tried her best to breastfeed me, unfortunately her production of milk is relatively low; she supplemented me with some formula. After a month, I was total on formula, but heck, I am still healthy and chubby!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hi. My Name is Laetitia!

Yes, it's Laetitia, which means JOY in Latin; and it is pronounced as "le-tee-sure", NOT "la-ti-tier" or "li-ti-tia" or what have you.

Kindly ask my mommy if you need help to get my name right. I promise she won't laugh at you.

I was born on the 37th weeks, about 20 days earlier than my expected due date; and I chose the day when daddy was supposed to go for a business convention. Hehehe... Call me a prankster, yup, I just like it this way!

After making mommy wait for 10 hours, I decided, no, I am not passing thru that long, narrow, dark tunnel, you gotta get me outta here in another way. Finally I won, I was delivered by an emergency C-section, which freaked the hell out of mommy. But she had done well. :)

PS: Mommy used to blog about me in her personal blog site, before deciding that her site might contain too much explicitness for young people. That should explain some back-dated entries in this site.
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