Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our first cruise trip

We just came back from our first cruise trip to Pulau Redang. Lots of eating, sun and swimming!

Our cabin was really nice with a balcony that gave us a magnificent view of the sea.

Early morning stroll on the sun deck after breakfast was most enjoyable.

Leonitus was goofing around with our grandmother's bag. He made everyone laughed.

I went to climb the kid's wall while Leonitus took his nap in the cabin. I have the agility of a monkey!

Off we went to Pulau Redang on a smaller boat.

Pulau Redang is beautiful with white sandy beach and crystal clear water!

The adults tried to bury me in the sand! HELP!!

We were famished after an afternoon by the beach. Leonitus almost finished a basket of bread. Unbelievable!

The toothpicks kept us entertained during the dinner.

Time flew by when we were having fun. Soon it was the final day of our trip, we spent the last few hours on board playing at the children's pool before we packed up and said our goodbye to this wonderful ship that was our home for the last 2 nights.

We had such good fun!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kids Run 2011

Last Sunday, we attended our very first Cold Storage's Kids Run at the Padang. It was really hot and sunny!

Mommy and Leonitus were in a tag-team doing the Stroller Chase.

While Daddy and I paired up for the Sunny Family Chase.

And finally the race began! It was a 800m non-competitive race that I must complete with Daddy running along side of me.

I ran and ran throughout the entire race, never once stopping down to rest.

And when I reached the finish line, I received my very first medal!

We are ALL Champions! Daddy and Mommy were so proud of me and Leonitus, although Leonitus sat in the stroller and it was Mommy who was doing the running.

Before we left, I saw the red apple mascot and wanted to have my picture taken with it. It was cool!

I will definitely be back next year!! It's so fun!!

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