Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mount Faber, on a Sunny Afternoon

Last Sunday, we went up to Mount Faber in the afternoon. Boy! It was a really hot and sunny afternoon!

We saw this little pond with tortoises swimming in it. This is a relatively new area, hence not too many people know about it. It's situated near the second car park, before Jewel Box.

As we walked down to Jewel Box area, we saw two cables car carriages so we insisted to go inside to have a feel of how Singapore's cable car is like. We have taken cable car rides at Genting and Langkawi, but here, in Singapore.

There is a big bell on top of Jewel Box, the toll of the bell was deafening; I had to cover my ears.

Then there is a metal tree with lots of small bells and hand-written wishes hung all over it. I took my time to read out the wishes left by some people,

Leonitus was exploring the place as if he was a grown-up. Wondering on without us. My little brother is 3, going 23!

Here is our super Daddy. It has been a while since Daddy brought us out because he was busy with his school assignments. We really love it when Daddy spends time with us.

The weather was so hot that we decided to take a short break and drank some cranberries juice, while enjoying the beautiful scenery from up here.

We continued on after our short break; further up, we found a Merlion! I never thought I will see a Merlion up on a hill, I thought it belongs close to the water.

Finally, it was time for us to leave. We will be back in the future, but hopefully when the days are much cooler than now.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The New Fidgets

It had been a while since we lasted visited Fidgets and it has gotten itself a brand new look!

The new Fidgets has becomes bigger than before, with brighter counter and really cute shoes deposit shelves.

There is a craft area and even a baking area (not shown here) for those who are less hyper - so unlike us, we like to be wild and run all over the place like little monkeys! Hahaha..

There a rest area with bean bags for us to chill if we ever get tired.

Although the renovation is massive, the play area remains the same. Some of the play structures are looking a tad too old and some even has parts that are falling apart. The ball area was pathetic. It was once filled with balls, but now is almost barren.

But kids being kids, we just couldn't care less, but enjoy ourselves to the max!

See this 3-storey rabbit hole (tunnel slide), this is Leonitus' favourite! He climbed up and slide down it countless times.

And he even made himself a friend - another little boy who loves the thrill as much as he does. These boys are just adrenaline junkies!

I played the more subtle slides. I enjoy climbing and going through the play gym.

The cafe has shifted to the other side of Fidgets. It's now bigger, with more sitting area. Daddy brought his books and laptop and was studying and doing his assignments while we played.

There is a runway in the middle of the cafe. Look at me catwalk down the runway! Sashaying and posing like a pro!

Leonitus also tried, but I think I am way better. Don't you think I have the potential to be a model. I am tall and naturally skinny slim.

The toddler's play area has also moved; it is still next to the cafe like before, so adults can have their coffees while watching over the younger kids.

It was such a coincidence that we met one of our friend, Xander, at Fidgets that day. No pictures of him though, because we were too busying playing and Mommy was too busy catching up with Xander's mom too. It was such an awesome day!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Start of our Super Long Weekend

Yesterday was Hari Raya Puasa and also the start of our super long weekend with two public holidays and two weekends, we are going to have four straight days of fun!

We went over to our grandaunt's place for lunch as well as the celebrate her birthday. Her birthday is a day after Singapore's, 10 Aug!

Together with us were our two distance little cousins, children of my Mommy's cousin. We had such great time playing together. I am the eldest at 5.5yo, followed by Edison at 4, then Leonitus at 3.5yo and little Karen is barely 2yo.

Then the birthday girl brought out the cake and everyone were immediately excited. I mean, who doesn't love birthday and cake? Especially when it's a Swenson Chocolate Ice-cream cake!

We, kids, were taking the centre stage, as if it was our birthdays.

We sure know how to spice things up at birthday with our songs and cheers!

A big wet birthday kiss for our grandaunt before we attacked the cake.

Being with the people we love, this is exactly how super long weekend should be. Don't you think so.

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