Monday, August 30, 2010

Kite Flying & Punggol Marina

Last Sunday, we went to Punggol to try out our new kite, which is shaped like an eagle.

I was "wearing" the kite because I wanted to have wings so that I, too, can fly up into the sky.

While Daddy and Kaka were trying to launch our eagle kite into the air, I was busy clowning around with our old kite.

Kaka and I were on the field, helping Daddy to pick up our fallen kite.

Leonitus was with Mommy, watching us from the pavement, because Mommy knew the field was really muddy.

It was quite windless so we decided to take a break and pose for pictures.

I helped to clean up and get ready to go for dinner at Punggol Marina.

We were back at Punggol Marina. The last time we were here, Leonitus was still inside Mommy's tummy.

Now I have Leonitus by my side to take pictures together with me.

Mommy with her two very precious darlings.

Daddy, a very happy man, because he has us!

We are the happy Ng family!

Now, can we have dinner already?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leonitus is eating

Leonitus has just turned 7th month old some days ago. He enjoys eating his rusk even though he hasn't grown any teeth yet.

"Where are your teeth, Leonitus?"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Awfully Chocolate That Doesn't Taste That Awful

Will the chocolate cakes taste awful?

We had Super Stacked Chocolate, Cold Poached Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Kahlua Bar. Chocolate Overload!!

Hmmm.... I will soon find out.


"Mmmmmm... Not that awfully by the way."

Oh.. in case you are wondering, we were having desserts at Awfully Chocolate.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Water Play at Vivo City

It was a sunny afternoon in August, we have come to Vivo City's roof garden to get ourselves wet!

Mommy holding on to Leonitus who still have not learn to walk yet but loves to play in the water just as much.

Leonitus likes to be "throw" high up into the air.

But he is too heavy, so just after 3 or more times Daddy would soon gets tired too.

"CHEESE" for the camera!

Leonitus has recently learnt to sit by himself, but sometimes he might topple over too.

Look! I think I found a treasure! It is a dead leaf! Hahaha...

Ok, gotta clean up and change. It's going to be dinner time soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In mood to be your model

I am as hyper as a Jack Russel puppy, that's why it is not an easy feat to snap pictures of me standing still, facing the camera.

Today is the day, when the impossible happens. Mommy bought me a pair of new sandals. Kaka says I can only wear them if I am willing to take some nice pictures.

And TATATADA!! Here are the few "nice" photos Kaka took with Mommy's handphone. Mommy felt my smiles were just too overly saccharine!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Leonitus is sick

Poor Leonitus! He had to see a doctor because he has been coughing and crying throughout the night. Doctor told Mommy that there is a nasty virus around making little children sick.

Leonitus has caught Bronchiolitis again. He had to be nebulized but he was so brave that he didn't shed a tear throughout the whole session.

Get well soon, baby brother!

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