Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Milestone

Last Friday afternoon, Mommy and I reached a new milestone! We made it to Orchard Rd.

No, it's not like I have never been to Orchard Rd before; I had, but it was a milestone for us because we went there on our own, in PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!

Yes, public transport. A bus to be exact. And if you are already a mom, you should know that's not an easy task! Especially if you have a super active baby, like me!!

Just how difficult can it be right?

Try changing my diaper while I practice my "mountain climbing" skill on the changing tables! It's enough to make some mothers swear to themselves that they will never bring their babies out alone anymore.

Wherever Mommy went, she gets questions like, "You bring her out alone ar? Where's your maid?" Well, you said it, she is a maid, not our shadows, she don't have to be around wherever we go. Most importantly we totally enjoyed ourselves.

And Mommy read somewhere that you can burn over 100 calories per hour just by carrying a baby and walking around. So she had burnt up some 400 calories or more that day. That's quite a workout!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waving Goodbye

You know, adults are such easy to please creatures. Recently, I mastered the trick of entertaining them just by waving my arms wildly whenever they say, "Bye! Bye! Wave Bye Bye!"

I tell you, they will be so over the moon when they see me thrush my arms up & down or left & right. They kept making me repeat the act over and over again. You tell me, are they funny or what?!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby & Doggy

To all the mommies and mommies-to-be,

If you are planning to give away the doggy at home because you think that doggy and baby should be together because :

1) All babies are allergic to dogs' fur!
2) All dogs are dangerous to babies!
3) All babies will get rabies!


Babies love animals, that's why you buy us books, DVDs, clothes etc with animals.

I don't know about other babies, but I love dogs! But Oki, our dog is always running away from me.

Hey! Oki is not looking, here is a golden opportunity to get near him.

Oki: "Damn the sneaky baby! I better get the hell out of here! Ouch! She got my hair! Shit! I think I will be going 'botak' soon!"

Laetitia:"Oki! Oki! Where you going? (Attempt to pull him back) Hmm.. What's this in my hand?"

Mommy: "Laetitia, look what have you done! tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. You have to stop pulling Oki's fur!! No wonder he is so scared of you!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Steady Daddy & Mommy

Sometimes when people see Daddy or Mommy bringing me out alone by themselves, they often wonder why Daddy & Mommy so silly, don't want to make use our maid instead.

They are not silly, my Daddy and Mommy are just the very steady type. They want to have the taste of parenting as raw as it can be, that's why they don't want to be relying too much on our domestic helper. Although bring me out independently can be a challenge sometimes, but our bond is much strong than those who throw their kids to the maid 24/7.

Actually, it's not that difficult lah. I can behave myself sometimes. See, here's picture of me, being very cooperative in the car-seat when Daddy drove me to pick Mommy up from work, last Sat.

Well, I only get a bit more excited when it comes to FOOD!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I could be the next Bill Gates?

I just have a thing for laptops. If I am fussing or making a din, just put me near a laptop, I would be so drawn by it that my "nonsense" would be temporarily eased.

So Mommy thought it would be good to buy me my own toy lappy. But I just still prefer hers or Daddy's and not mine.

Mommy wonders why I don't like my own lappy.

She thinks I stupid meh!

You tell me, toy lappy how to go online?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Restless Night

I had trouble sleeping last night! It's so horrible!

I will fall asleep only to wake up moments later crying and struggling as if I had fallen into a bottomless pit!

Poor Mommy, she had to carry me and let me sleep on her body because I refused to lay down on the bed!

Pray for me that I can truly sleep like a baby tonight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love Cheese!

I fell in love with cheese the first time I ate it. Not those flat, thin slice; the one I love is the soft type and it shaped like a triangle. How cute!

But be sure you are more than 6 months old before you try it!

Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rainy Sunday Afternoon = Sianz!

I hate rainy weekends! I can't go anywhere, not even going downstairs to play.

And Mommy just made my mood even lousier by forcing me to wear her hairband!!

Adults always like curling up in their bed to read magazine on rainy days. Maybe I should give it a try too!

My conclusion is...

Adults are so BORING lor!

Put me down on the floor, perhaps I will be less bored.

Look what I found. One GUCCI & one Blueberry.. erm... I mean BURBERRY, bags!

Chey! This one so big but got nothing inside one. It's just an empty bag.

Hmm... Maybe the GUCCI one would be more interesting.

Hey.. Hey.. I am correct! See, so many stuff! Let me pull them all out!

Eh... What's this? Is it sweet? Is it something that I can eat?

"Laetitia, what are you doing with my medicine? Give it back to Mommy!!"

I should have know it by now. Adults! They are so unadventurous lor!

This one cannot, that one cannot, everything also cannot.

I very sian, you know!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


That night I can't sleep and was making a lot of noise in the room. Mommy pulled out a torchlight from the drawer beside her bed and let me play with it. At first I didn't realise the light was actually coming from the torch, I kept trying to "catch" the light. So silly lor.

Mommy told me that this was the very same torch she used to shine on me, when I was inside her belly in a breach-position. She read it somewhere that shinning light on the lower part of the belly will help to guide the breached baby to turn towards the pelvis.

Don't know if it was true, but I did turn downwards after all, it's only that Mommy still failed to give birth to me naturally. Hehehe...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Island Cafe at Tangs Orchard

Daddy tucked me into the car seat and we drove Tangs Orchard to give Mommy a surprise visit. She had to work for an event at the SK-II counter, this Sunday.

When I reached the counter, there were so many beautiful aunties, but they preferred to be called jie-jie; they were all crowding around to look at me. One jie-jie carried me, but I was nervous and wanted to cry, so she had to quickly return me to Mommy.

Then Daddy & Mommy brought me to level 4 where there is the cozy "Island Cafe". We would be catching some dinner here.

See Daddy is being naughty again.

He used the chopstick to poke my ear! So ticklish!

"Daddy, give me the menu. I wanna see."

"Hmm... this one look nice, but I still want to see the menu."

"Aiyo, so difficult to open."

"Ok, I have decided. I will have this, this, this & this. Wait, also that & that too."

"Why isn't my food here yet?"

"Hey! I SAY, WHERE IS MY FOOD?!?!?!?!"

Daddy trying to distract me so that I wouldn't have the chance to tear the whole cafe down.

WooHoo!! I got Mommy's Platinum card. Give me food!

Laetitia: "Huh! We are leaving? But I only had some red beans from Mommy's chendol, I am still not full. I want MORE food!"

Daddy: "OK. OK. We go and see toys."

"Eh??!! Can see, cannot buy??!!"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

IKEA and more

Today, we went to IKEA at Tampines. There were so many people and babies, it was so crowded. I didn't look very excited here because my nose was a little runny. Daddy & Mommy were also unwell this weekend. The whole family is under the weather.

I started to cheer up a little when we reached the children & babies' section. There were lots of toys and many colorful things, but I don't know what they are used for.

Daddy was shoving a toy crocodile at me. It's so ticklish. Wait, it couldn't be a croc, this creature has ears! Whatever, some funny-looking animal, I guess. And then I was fascinated by the hand puppet that Mommy was holding. It has such big & bulging eyes!

I am a good baby, I helped out at the check-out counter. Actually I was just being kaypoh, I want to see what Mommy bought. Hmm... why only dried leaves?

I wanna complain!! See, my Daddy being naughty here. He used the dried sticks to hit my head!


I think I have been sleeping too much in the day. When it was my bed-time, I couldn't sleep, instead I played peek-a-boo with Mommy using my blanket.

Mommy "entertained" me for almost an hour, and then I finally became tired and dropped off to dreamland. But still grabbing onto Mommy's arm. Hehehe...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Model or Heavy Weight Champion?

People always mistaken me for baby boy. I could be in all pink and still have people commented that I look like a boy! Today Mommy dressed me up in Laura Ashley inspired floral dress, and styled me with sweet, pinkish hairband and complete with pink girlish sandals! See who still dare to say I am a boy!

Then we went shopping at the neighborhood mall, where Mommy kept trying different designs of hats on me. Perhaps she was thinking that I have the potential of becoming a super-baby-model! Hehehe...

On our way back home, we stopped by a man-made "lake". Daddy knows that I love to play with water. He says don't have to go to Vivo City so far, we have something similar right here at our door step. And the water look much clearer too. I guess he is right. See how happy I am!

Daddy loves this picture that Mommy took of me. He wonders if I am good enough to enter a baby competition. He is hoping that I can win home some milk powder, so that he can save money. LOL!!

Daddy & Mommy keep calling me a giant baby, because I am bigger size than a 15 mth old baby whom we met last night at the playground. Daddy thinks that if there is a heavy weight baby competition, I will stand a very good chance of winning it hands down.

I am 10kg at 8 mth old. Very gigantic meh?! You tell me lor!

Lastly, here is a video Mommy made of me playing water with her mobile.

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