Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy's Kitchen and My Kitchen

For the last one month, we have no maid at home, so Mommy has to do the housework by herself and sometimes she has to do housework while looking after me. So we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

One day, I broke a glass jar and Mommy was upset with me for playing in the kitchen and breaking something, so she couldn't stop lecturing me even when she was sweeping the floor. She told me that when I am older in the future, I will have to clear my own mess and not rely on her to clean up my "shit".

So the next day, I decided to show her that I am a responsible toddler by picking up those mini broom and dust pan that she used for sweeping the kitchen floor, to do some sweeping of my own.

And you know what!? Instead of being pleased with me, Mommy took the broom and pan away from me and carried me out of the kitchen, while saying, "Aiyo, the broom might have fragments of glass lah, Baby!!" I was totally confused; didn't she say that I must clean up my own mess, just yesterday?!

In order for me to stay out of the kitchen, they (Mommy & Daddy) had installed baby gate at the kitchen's entrance. But I kept whining when Mommy is in the kitchen while I am being kept out. Mommy thought that I might really like the kitchen quite a fair bit, so she bought me my own mini kitchen set.

Daddy thought my kitchen set is too small, he likes the kitchen set (see picture below) from ELC but Mommy thinks it is total madness to spend over $200 on a toy kitchen set when she can get mine at only $29.90!

Mommy thinks that what matter most, is that she finds quality time to accompany me and not spend all the money in the world to buy me lots of toys or expensive toys, just so as to keep me occupied.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toddling All Over Vivo City

I am happy today because Daddy took leave to take care of me today. While Mommy was at work, we spent some good Daddy & Daughter bonding time by going for a swim.

In the evening, we picked Mommy up from her office and then we headed down to Vivo City for dinner. What makes me happier, is the fact that I can finally walk on my own. Yes, I don't have to hold on to Daddy's or Mommy's hands to walk anymore. I can do it all by myself.

I am so excited to be able to walk and play at the playground without having to crawl on all four.

Yippeee..... I'm sliding down, catch me.....

Although I need not hold on to Daddy's hands anymore, I still enjoy his company like always.

I am a very happy toddler today because I can finally toddle and I was toddling all over Vivo City leaving my footprints behind.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Hair-cut

See any difference? Mommy got me a new hair-cut. And yes, she cut it herself! It sure wasn't easy cutting my hair because I can never sit still for more than a minute.

Now my face look even rounder, just like a "hum chee pam"!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Their Unsuccessful Attempt

Last Sunday, Mommy brought me to a goldsmith shop with the intention of getting my ears pierced. The people in the shop tried to "bluff me" by giving me a packet drink. While I was happily figuring out how to drink from the unopened carton, the shop assistant tried to touch my ears which I reacted instantly by swing my head from side to side, preventing him from getting to any of my ears.

He made many attempt to hold my ears but I made it terribly hard for him. Finally that uncle gave up and told Mommy that it would be better to bring me back when I am older and more able to sit still.

Hahaha.... I am spared of pain... at least for the time being...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

We had a pretty uneventful day on 14th Feb, which is also Valentine's Day. Daddy and Mommy were busy cleaning up the house in the first half of the day before we went to United Square where I met Thornston kor kor and his parents briefly. Then we headed for Swensons to eat ice-creams!

I was getting impatient waiting for the ice-creams, luckily the restaurant provides coloring pencils and paper for toddlers to doddle.

After leaving United Square, we travelled to IMM for more shopping as well as dinner. Daddy told Mommy that he wanted to go pee pee and asked Mommy and I to eat our dinner first.

When he came back, he got Mommy a stalk of rose. Mommy was surprised. I was so excited about the rose that I opened my mouth and put it inside, only to hear the roaring screams of both my overly 'gan cheong' parents.

They say Valentines is about romance but I didn't see any between them, but I do see lots of love... coming from them to me. hehehehe....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laetitia's First Step

Actually this isn't quite my first step, I actually walk quite a distance with anyone hold my hands but today I actually demonstrated ability to walk 3-5 metre on my own without any assistance.

I think very soon Daddy and Mommy will be getting harness to tie me up so that they don't have to chase after me. hehehe....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Ball House

Mommy bought me this ball house after seeing how much I love playing balls at Fidgets and go-go-bambini.

Big ball VS small balls

Mommy, you want this yellow one?

Come in lah, Mommy!

I wanna eat this!

I am looking silly, pressing my nose up against the mesh.

Yeah! This is what I call "having a ball of time"!

Mommy is considering to buy more balls to fill up the house. Woo Hoo....!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Damn Mozzies!

I had an infection after bitten by those damn mosquitoes again. Daddy & Mommy brought me to my paediatrician last night as I was running a mild fever.

My left foot is so swollen that the arc of the sole became quite flat. And it even look like it had grown a size bigger than the right foot!

And my lower right thigh is also swollen. Now it look as if I have a muscular right leg.

The pictures are taken this morning. After taking the anti-biotics, the swelling had improved slightly. At least my "pig throttle" looks smaller.
I hope my grands would shift house soon to stay at somewhere with less mosquitoes :(

Monday, February 9, 2009


I like drawing.

I prefer crayons over color pencils because the colors are more vibrant.

I have the ability to draw and do a split at the same time. Perhaps I make a good ballet dancer in the future. Hehehe..

I am done drawing. The crayons are too light, I need better quality crayons, Mommy!

Oh, you are asking what I drew. Well, it is abstract, so use your imagination please.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Part-time Nannies

Every year Mommy will have a "reunion" dinner with a group of her good friends. This year, Mommy & Daddy had to bring me along because there was nobody to look after me.

Luckily I am an easy-going baby who can go to anyone who volunteer to babysit me while Mommy and Daddy try to eat in peace.

Nanny Number 1: Uncle Weizhang
He adores me. He told Mommy to bring me along and he will help Mommy to take good care of me. And he even allowed me to play with his camera!

Nanny Number 2: Uncle Guo Huang
He also has a 14-month baby girl. No wonders, he likes me. I posed a very sweet pose for him to take my picture.

Nanny Number 3: Uncle Eric (AKA my Jiu Jiu)
Jiu Jiu loves his little niece, of course. At one point, he even gave me his car key. His BMW!! WooHoo!!

Nanny Number 4: Honey Jie Jie/ Auntie Honey/ Jiu Jiu's girlfriend
She was wonderful. She paid for my kiddy ride when the other uncles only let me sat on the unmoving rides. She helped to carry me while Jiu Jiu fed me some noodles.

Nanny Number 5: Uncle Keng Guan
He may look like a crook but he is nothing of that sort, in fact he was very gentle. Look at how he carried me.

Isn't it quite peculiar, out of the 5 nannies I had, 4 were actually men! Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. the women nowadays are far less interested in babies than the men.


Finally, a picture of me walking into my Daddy's arms. Yeah! I can manage 2-3 small steps walking on my own already! If you hold my hands I can walk a fairly long distance without falling over.

Friday, February 6, 2009

We Hate Mozzies!

I have been attacked my mosquitoes again. I was at my grands when I got bitten. There are a total of 22 bites!! The place is terribly infested with mozzies. Millions of mozzies!!

Out of the 22 bites, 9 were actually on my head alone! So sickening!!

We tried everything. Mozzies repellents in cream, lotion, stickers form, electric insecticides, spray type insecticides, mosquito coils, mosquito net, ultrasonic mozzie repellent using sound-tech. Mommy just added a portable one to the collection.

Mommy is even considering buying this. Don't whether good or not. If you are using this product to bust the mozzie's ass, please do tell us about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I can blow a whistle!!

And everybody is so thrilled to hear me go "whiii.. whiii.. whii.. whii.."


Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun at the Playground

Yes, I might not be able to walk yet but nothing is gonna stop me from having lots of fun at the playground down stairs.

I am going against gravity, crawling up the short slide.

"Here I come!" Sliding down the tunnel slide.

Trying to crawl back up the top of the slide because I can't walk but I am sure good in crawling.

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