Sunday, November 25, 2012

Orange Tree School Concert 2012

24 Nov was an important day for me and my schoolmates because it was the day we held our annual graduation concert. This year, we had our concert at Matrix Auditorium at Biopolis.

We had an art exhibition at the foyer for the parents to enjoy before our concert starts. This farm model was made by my class.

Look, I made this woolly sheep.

This year, we had two performance. The first performance was a dance and the second one was more like a sketch. The fourth person from the left is me. Can you spot me?

At the end of the concert, there was a finale where three schools combined to thank all the teachers and the principals. The confetti was then launched into the air. It was so fun!

Here are some pictures taken by our teachers during the rehearsal.

Mommy thinks I look very much like a cross between Christmas tree and peacock with all the makeups and hair do.

Some pictures with my proud parents.

And more pictures with my classmates and friends.

I can't wait for next year, when it will be my turn to graduate from Orange Tree Preschool. But I believe I will surely miss my teachers and friends very much.

Our First Drive-in Movie

It was a Saturday evening, and it was close to our bedtime, but why are we sitting in our car in our PJs? Because we were at the Honda Movie Mob - a free drive-in movie screening under the stars! 

They were showing 'Battleship', a sci-fic action movie. Honda car owner gets free popcorns!

Leonitus sat on Mommy's laps to get a better view, but he was fidgeting the whole time. Poor Mommy, she didn't get to enjoy the show as much as she wished.

This movie mob screens every fortnightly and it is open to everyone. For more information, click HERE.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Angry Birds at Changi Airport

Daddy was away almost for the entire week and he is finally coming back on Saturday. Mommy decided that we shall all go to the airport to welcome Daddy home.

We reached Changi Airport Terminal 3 earlier than Daddy's arrival and were so happy to get a chance to play at the Angry Birds Space animation near the departure hall.

Look at the evil green pigs from Angry Birds!

There is an Angry Birds space shuttle, we were so excited to go in and explore.

The space shuttle is so beautiful inside with Christmas decorations.

We almost didn't want to part with the Angry Birds, but Daddy's plane has touched down.

After picking Daddy up, we went to Itacho Sushi for dinner before we go home.

With the receipt from our dinner, we could even redeem for an Angry Birds plush toy. Woohoo!! We had so much fun at Changi Airport today!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exploring Lim Chu Kang

As a reward for behaving well while Daddy is away on business trip, Mommy decided to bring us to explore Lim Chu Kang on her own - without any GPS!

Our first stop is Hay Dairies - the goat farm.

Between 9am to 11am, public can catch the staff milking goats. There is no entrance fee, just drop by. We came just in time to see goat milking in process.

Then we went into the goat viewing area where we can see many mommy goats and kiddy goats. But the stench was quite strong!

Although we are kind of lactose intolerance, Mommy thinks that a small bottle of goat's milk wouldn't hurt. Both of us shared the chocolate-flavoured goat's milk. Taste so fresh!

Next, a short visit to Kranji Beach Battle Site, a historical site filled with stories from the World War II.

Hey! We could see Malaysia from here!

Then we got a little lost on the way back and found ourselves in a small farm instead.

This farm is supposed to be opened on Sunday only, hence we were the only visitors here on a Saturday morning.

Except for a worker we saw in the main entrance, the farm was totally deserted, we roamed about it freely.

The longish plant behind me is known as the snake gourd because they look like snakes! I was a bit afraid at the beginning.

But Leonitus likes them very much. He was fascinated by the colourful snake gourds.

Shortly after leaving the farm, we found the way home. It was fun exploring Lim Chu Kang and see a different side of Singapore.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunny Morning at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Today is Deepavali, a public holiday, so we don't have to go to school. Mommy woke up early to bring us to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. I had been there when I was little, but I can't remember very much of it any more. It's Leonitus' first trip and I am sure we will enjoy ourselves there.

First, we explore the garden, looking at the trees, plants, pond and all. We walked hand in hand across the suspension bridge which bounces up and down as we walk across.

Next stop, the playground with long tunnelling slides.

Up we go!

And down we slide.

Final stop, which is the highlight of Jacob Ballas. The water-play area. It's rather small compared to some other water-play areas like IMM or even Lot One, but nevertheless, we still have loads of fun.

Thank you Mommy for bringing us to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. We love it!

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