Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swimming on a sunny afternoon

My dear 外婆 bought me another new swimsuit. Now I have 3 swimsuits and 1 bikinis! Mommy is jealous, she says she only has 1 very ugly swimsuit and 1 pathetically old bikinis that she is prepared to dump straight after today's swim.

The pool is so BIG!! Yes, I am in the adult pool!!

Woo Hoo!! I guess, I am no longer a baby :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Play With ME!

Stop working & play with me, Mommy!
If not I will "BUUUU...!!" at you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vote For Me - Result

Thank you all the aunties, uncles, jiejies, korkors, meimeis and didis who voted for me.

I won 2 out of 3 category that I participated in!!

I am the double winner for Birthday Parties Category, of Voter's Pic and Baby Category, of Lucky Pic!

Now I am in the qualifying round for Season 3. Which I don't really know what the hell it means anyway... but I know I am a winner... nananibubu! nananibubu!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too much shopping and junk foods

After having lots of fun at IMM, the next day Mommy brought me out again. This time we went to town to meet Candy Mama for lunch. Mommy said Candy Mama misses me and she is too busy to find time to visit us so Mommy decided we go and eat with her during her lunch hour.

We went to Food Republic at Wisma Atrium for Dim Sum. But because I am a baby and Dim Sum is too oily for me, Mommy fed me my baby snack instead. After eating all my snack, I started to get restless. Candy Mama had to entertain me by carrying me around. See how happy she was being 'tortured' by me. Hehehe...

But there were just so many people there, I was started to get lethargic.

One more thing, we also met Auntie Phoebe, one of Mommy's co-worker who was lunching nearby, she said she recognised me! See, I am famous already! Hahaha!!!

After lunch, we parted from Candy Mama who went back to her office, we took the train and headed to Plaza Singapura. The train was packed too! Wow, Singapore is really too small! A kind auntie actually wanted to give up her seat for Mommy and me. So nice of her lor. But we declined her offer as we were reaching soon.

Plaza Singapura is a big mall with again, lots of people. It's a weekday, don't anybody has to work? So strange.

There was a aquarium shop selling a lot of different types of fishes and I was so attracted by them that I refused to go. The fish were so cute, they crowd around my hand when I placed them on the glass fo the tank they lived in.

Finally Mommy got me to move my butt and we continued to shop in Plaza Singapura until Mommy's legs were really tired. Daddy had called to ask our whereabouts, he said he was coming to join us. So we went to McDonald's to wait for Daddy, Mommy ordered a blueberry muffin for me. Perhaps it was the sugar, I became super hyper and drove Mommy crazy by trying to climb up & down our table, attempted to pull the hair of the lady that sat behind, threw my pacifier and toys under our seat, banged my hands on the table, shouted at the top of my voice.... and many other horrible acts.

Mommy just prayed that Daddy can come quickly, but Daddy only arrived more than 1 hour later!

By the time Daddy came to rescue Mommy, I was getting a bit tired. We went to Carrerfour, and they have this very amazing supermarket trolley which feature an infant seat, similar to that of a car seat in reclining position. It was so comfy that I felt asleep soon after.

After supermarket shopping, we went to look for Daddy's friend, Auntie Ivy who was working in the building and while Daddy & Mommy were chatting with Auntie Ivy, I was fidgeting non-stop like a worm. Auntie Ivy thought I might be hungry and recommended Daddy bring us to a Hong Kong-style cafe for dinner on the same building.

The cafe must be very popular, there were SO MANY people! We waited for a while to get our seat. The cafe was buzzing with the voices of many eaters, almost like a school tuckshop.

Although I always get the menu but I was always unable to order what I want. So angry lor! But this time, I got to share the fish congee that Mommy had ordered and on top of that I also drank some spoonful some diluted soya bean milk from her. And the best thing was, when I was given mango for desert, as Daddy ordered this huge Ice Mango thingy shaped like a mountain!

I ate so much food and was super happy that I kept shaking my head. Mommy wondered if I had taken "Ecstasy" by mistake. Hehehe... (Watch the video taken by Daddy who was also shaking his head!)

It was already past 9pm when we finished our dinner. I had been out the whole day, for more than 8 hours! With my tummy big and round, Mommy thought it would be easy to drop me off to bed when we reached home. But to her disappointment, I continued to bounced about and was as energetic as a Jack Russel puppy!

Mommy blamed it on all those sugar-loaded food that I had consumed for the day and being overly stimulated by the effects of the shopping mall. She swears that she would limit my outing to a max of 6 hours in the future.

My "batteries" only fell flat around midnight. By then, Mommy was close to dying of exhaustion. She weighed herself the next day and discovered that lose 1 kg just for bring me out for 2 consecutive days!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shopping & Dining at IMM

Mommy and Daddy were supposed to be on leave beginning of the week, but last minute Daddy had to return to office because of some urgent work, so Mommy brought me out instead. It's ok Daddy, we understand. Mommy says you go work because you want to give us more money to go shopping! YIPPY!

We took a train to Jurong East and a free shuttle bus brought us to IMM. Mommy brought me to DAISO where everything is $2! It's unbelievable! Mommy was trying the party hats on me, I think that I look clownish it all of them! She bought a hand-puppet and some bottles of bubbles for me.

Daddy called and said he will meet us there for dinner, so we went for more shopping while waiting for him. When Mommy was looking at clothes in Espirit, I tried to grab anything that was within my reach. Once I got something, I would try to put them in my mouth to have a taste of it.

But leather tasted yucky!! pui! pui!

Finally Daddy had finished his work and came to join us. We went to Cafe Cartel for dinner, because they serve FREE FLOW of home-made bread!! Yummy!!

OK, beside the free-flow of bread, let me see what else I want to order.

Daddy had to fasten me to a high chair after I toppled a glass of water while trying to reach for the menu. Mommy thought Daddy would be mad with me, but look at me, I am so cute! How can anyone be mad with me, let alone Daddy who adores me!

"Waiter, I also want to order!"

Daddy was trying to force me to eat my greens. Yucks, it tasted worst than the leather I had earlier at Espirit!

Complaining to Mommy about how naughty Daddy had been, forcing that piece of leaf into my mouth!

We were on our way home, when Ah Gong called, he said he bought crabs for us, but we had just eaten our dinner. Opss! Sorry, Ah Gong.

But nevertheless, coming to see his little granddaughter was still the top priority on Ah Gong's mind. He must have missed me like crazy because I didn't go over to his house this week as Mommy is at home, and I want to keep her company.

More shopping to come?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vote For Me

Dearest Aunties, Uncles, Jiejies, Korkors, Didis and Meimeis,

If you have met in flesh or even 'virtually' you would know that I am cute right?! So please cast your vote for ME!!

(Voting will close 19th Sept, THIS FRIDAY! 12pm)

You can vote for me in the Baby Category (just click the link).

Or if you find that my Daddy is more irrestible than me, then vote for us in the Family Photos Category instead.

If you need to be sure that I am one of the cutest; to be fair lah, you may first check out all the other photos at Mum Centre before voting for me.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sofa is not a playground

Crawling has given me new meaning to the word - mobility! I no longer need to rely on anyone to carry me from Point A to Point B. And with that, the sofa in the living room had became my playground. I can climb to the back of the sofa, crawl through the heaps of cushions, roll about on it, cruised along it, I can even pull myself up with the help of those huge cushions. The possibilities seem endless!

Here I am, sitting at the back of the sofa.

This is me, sandwiched by it.

Let me demonstrated how to leverage on those big cushions to get into a standing position.

The sofa also provided a good place to play hide-and-seek!

Here is a video of me climbing over the smaller cushions to reach Mommy... Actually I was trying to grab that camera of hers.

But yesterday, I rolled off the sofa and the pacifier that I had in my mouth hit my upper lips. The pain was really bad, I screamed my head off. Mommy quickly came to my rescue.

Maybe the sofa is not a very fun place to crawl up & down after all. Now I have bee-stung lips. I think I am resembling some Hollywood actresses who had collagen-injected lips gone wrong!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Afternoon Nap

I am a big girl now, I don't want to take afternoon naps, I want to play!

When Daddy is sleeping, Mommy would want me to accompany Daddy in bed. I am secretly suspecting that Daddy might be afraid to sleep alone, that's why Mommy has to assign me to be his sleeping companion.

"Daddy, is it you scared of the monster in the closet?"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Animal Abuser/ Little Terror?

I am not a terror or am I abusive towards animal. It's just that I hasn't learn to pat with my hands, but I had already mastered the skill of pulling very well!!

And I am only a very curious baby. :P

Oki, Mommy & Daddy, I love you, don't be angry ok.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Woke up this morning, looked into the mirror, "Shit! Why are those 2 clumps of my hair sticking out like that!?"

I learned today that even babies aren't spared when "Bad Hair Day" decided to invade!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Tots, Baby Contest

Last Sunday, Daddy & Mommy dressed me up in my most lady-like outfit. It even came complete with matching shoes!

I really didn't know what they were up to.

But I must say I really like the shoes!

Maybe I should say I love this pair of shoes!

OK... I admit, I was a little too obessessed with my shoes!

We took a long ride in Daddy's car before we reached a mall. There were so many people in the mall. There were many Aunties, Uncles, Babies, Children. OMG!!

This was the first time I saw so many heads!!

It turned out that Daddy & Mommy had intented to register me in the "Super Tots" Baby Contest held by MediaCorp because they seriously believed that I am the CUTEST!!

But looking at the number of people attending the event, it seemed really chaotic!! When Mommy and Daddy knew about the queue number; ONE HUNDRED and something!? They decided not to put me through the wait, because I had just recovered from a fever.

Daddy was a little disappointed, because he was certain that his little girl has all the potential to be a star, A SUPERSTAR!!


Well, as for me, I don't think it really matters, I just chilled, cruised around in my stroller. And had great fun stopping the fan with my bare hands, although it irritated the hell out of Mommy!

I am the cutest! And I simply knew it. I don't need external creditial to prove my cuteness! I am sure you would agree with me. >_+

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fever - Day 3

My temperature had finally went down last night. I slept much better; in fact, I only woke up once throughout the night. Mommy was so relieved.

I wonder how come Mommy can still look so vibrant after two horrendous sleepless nights, looking after me.

Thank you Mommy for taking care of me when I was unwell. I love you!

I also want to thank my "piglet" for keeping me company.

And of course, how can I forget Daddy, who vegetated in front of the TV, because I was laying down on his muscular chest, snoring away.

Daddy, I love you too! Come, let's headbutt!

And many well-wishers who emailed or SMS Mommy to send regards or words of advise, especially Mei Ling Mama, thank you!

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