Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Visit to Images of Singapore

On Tuesday, I went on an excursion with my school to Images of Singapore at Sentosa. We are in the month of National Day hence learning about our country's culture and heritage is a good way of showing our patriotism for our country.

We gather outside for some group pictures before proceeding into the building.

Woah!!!! It's my first time here, so pardon my "sua ku" look.

While some of us was a little fearful of the wax figures and started crying, I was totally enjoying myself! Touching EVERYTHING in sight. Hahahaha...

Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and go home, but not before exploring the great out-door for a while.

It was a pity Mommy and Daddy couldn't come with us because they had to work. Well, it's OK, I had Kaka Endah, who came along and took on the role of my photographer. She took so many pictures of me to show Mommy and Daddy that we all had a great time at Sentosa.

Oh, I really want to go on another excursion with my schoolmates again!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinner at Ponggol Marina

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Ponggol Marine for dinner. Daddy wanted to bring us to the newly opened Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu. We were going to have buffets!

We took a leisure walk along the marina before going to the restaurant.

There are many boats and yachts in the marina, Daddy had a friend whose yacht is there too.

Let's take a family portrait together. Hmm... I wasn't looking at the camera.

This shoot is better!

Look at this funny picture that Mommy took. I was howling because I wanted to drink Kaka's Cola Lite and Kaka was imitating me. It was hilarious!

We all left the restaurant bloated like whales. There were simply too much food!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Trip to Night Safari

Earlier in the evening, we visited Night Safari. It's my very first time there. We reached early for dinner and Mommy took pictures of me while waiting for the zoo to open at 7pm.

We were entertained by the animal performance but we had to queue up and wait for 30 minutes before the show starts. There were civets, snake, otters and many other animals in the show.

We had to turn off our camera's flashlight during the entire pram ride for the sake of the animals in the zoo, hence we only managed to take some pictures when we were resting at the East Lodge's Z'bar for a drink.

I love ridding on the wooden life-size zebra.

We left the Night Safari quite early, at around 9.30pm because I was tired and started to get a little cranky, plus Mommy was having a runny nose. But overall, it was all good fun and I want to go to the day zoo the next time. I heard it is even better!

Friday, August 21, 2009

More from the wedding

Mommy's friend, Uncle Hao took some very natural and candid pictures of me at the wedding.

Uncle Hao who love photography, managed to capture my sweetness and mischief in every shot. We love all the pics!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Horrendous Mosquito Bites!

I got 2 mosquitoes bites on my forehead while we were at Sentosa attending a wedding. Mommy had already dressed me up in long-sleeved and tights but the damn mozzies attacked my bare forehead. So maddening!

This was the morning on the second day after I got bitten. My left eye swelled up so bad that I can hardly open it.

Went to KK Hospital's A&E because it was National Day and most children's clinics were closed.

The following 2 pictures were taken on the third day's evening after I was being bitten. The right eye also became a little swollen. My upper part of the face was really puffy and red.

This last picture was taken last night. The swelling seemed to be subsiding, to the relief of Mommy and Daddy. The 2 bites on the forehead had been oozing out pus that crust and stuck to my fringe. So irritating.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding, Sentosa & Lots More!

Last Friday, we went to Sentosa to attend my 舅舅's wedding. Mommy booked a suite at Amara Sanctuary Resort so that we don't have to go back home after the dinner.

Our Courtyard Suite was on a separate building from the hotel lobby, we rode on the buggy to our suite, it was so fun. We even spotted some peacocks on our way.

There was a bottle of red wine, fruits and nuts, all complimentary from the hotel. Yum. Yum..

The best part was this jacuzzi right inside our own backyard. I can't wait to jump right in it.

I wore the new swimsuit that 外婆 bought for me and took a picture with her before we headed out to test the 3 swim pools of the hotel.

This is the Sky Pool, but it is exclusively for adults, so I can't swim here, but I can pose for a picture here. Hehehe...

Then we got to the children pool where there is a water slide for me to go "weeee..." right into the water and "splassshhh!".

Then I was off to make waves in the adult pool with Daddy. See, I can FLY!!

It was time for the wedding. We were at the Glass Pavilion; it was like a big glass dome with many transparent chairs. And many petals for me to pick off the floor.

After the solemnization, we went to the restaurant, Shutter, to have our wedding dinner. 舅舅 had booked the entire restaurant for this wedding so I was free to run around the premise.

The next day, I had one last dip in the jacuzzi before we checked out.

It had been really fun if not for the 2 mosquito's bites on my forehead which turn quite nasty when we reached home. (Will update on that separately.)

Meanwhile, I wish 舅舅 and Aunt Honey, all the best in their new lives together! (For more pictures of the wedding, click here.)
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