Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Afternoon at Hort Park

It was a sunny afternoon, but expert says it is good to expose babies to the sun & nature instead of always bring us to the shopping malls, So Mommy suggested we go to Hort Park.

We reached there in the late afternoon; it was cloudy, but just as we stepped out, the sun became blazing!

Nevertheless, we had lots of fun. Perhaps next time, we should bring along, sun-shades, umbrella, hats and UV protection. :)


Monday, November 24, 2008

8 days later

This was me, before Daddy & Mommy left for their holidays. I was their cheery little pumpkin pie! Always happy and smiling.

When they returned from their trip, 8 days later, they wondered if someone had switched their adorable Laetitia for a teething little monster who constantly scream and cry at the slightest things!

I wasn't that possessive over my pacifier in the past, but this teething period is really giving me hell, pacifier had since became my BFF!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stair Climber 2

Showing off my stair climbing skill again.
Sometimes, I got to be cautious, these stairways can be deadly if I ever fall off from it.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bubbles Or Pool?

Mommy read somewhere that all babies would be fascinated with bubbles, so she thought I would be interested in some too.

Bubbles are OK, but I will choose swimming over it anytime. So half-way playing with the bubbles, I suddenly took off at lightning speed; before Daddy & Mommy could have the chance to pull me back up, I was already inside the pool.

Daddy had to take off his singlet and slipper to dive right into the pool to "rescue" me. When he saw that I was having so much fun, he also decided to join me for a dip instead.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

An evening at Clark Quay

We started the evening with a Japanese buffet dinner at Central, where I had some Agedashi Tofu, Chawanmushi and Grilled Mackerel. So Yummy!

Then we crossed the bridge and headed to Clark Quay where the night had came to life in full swing!

The best part was, I get to ride on Daddy's shoulder instead of sitting in my stroller which is so boring, plus the view I get to see from the stroller were basically butts, butts and more butts!

Then I saw people doing dangerous thing with their lives; they were sitting in a cage that threw them up in the sky and were bounced like balls! But because of them, I learnt the word "Up". Whenever Mommy or Daddy asked, "Where did the bungee goes?" I replied by pointing my arm towards the sky when they says the word "Up".

It was close to 10pm and we were going home. This night-life thing is FUN! And I am sure we had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. For more pictures that were taken for this outing go to Mommy's Album at FB.

Whoever says that you don't have a life after having a baby?!
Your life only get better with a baby!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stair Climber

I am 11th months old today, short of a month to the end of my babyhood. I would be a toddler very soon. Mommy says "T" stands for toddler as well as terror!

Accordingly to most baby milestone chart. Babies between 8-12 months starts to walk and between 12-18 months, babies can climb up the stairs.

Well, I still can't walk but I do 'cruise' fairly well by holding on to various things for support. But I can do the stair climbing bit... erm with a little twist. I tackle the stairs on all fours!

Here I am, at the foot of the stairs.

I am going UP, UP, UP!

Just a few more steps.

And finally I have done it again! And Grandpa is there to welcome me!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Entertainment Tonight

My Mommy is a wonderful entertainer.

At work, she entertains the people who go to the workshops that she conducts. At home, she entertains me, making me laugh my head off when she impersonate my singing toy spider.

And you know who keep this great entertainer entertain when she needs some entertainment? Well, it's of coz none other than ME!!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun at Marina Barrage & Riverboat

Last Sat, we went to Marina Square to buy a new TV for the study room as well as a new toaster oven. Then Daddy suggested we go over to Marina Barrage for the Clean & Green Carnival, it beats hanging out at the malls the whole time.

The Marina Barrage is a new icon in Marina South, the place is massive! It was breezy out in the open but still I was really sweaty. I just happened to be really scared of heat.


Mommy wondered why Daddy looked so "panda-eyed", she thought she was the one who woke up at 6am that morning not him.

And Mommy who only slept for 5 hours still looks so fresh and good! But she kept saying giving birth to me had worsen her freckles. But don't they look cute on you, Mommy?!

It's not easy for the 3 of us to all look into the camera at the same time, but I was trying my best already. (For more pictures of the outing go to the album in Mommy's FB )


Shhsss.... I am having a quiet moment enjoy the sea breeze with Daddy.

Hey! Look at me, I could be walking in no time!


Mommy was always asking for kisses.


Next stop, Stewards Riverboat at Marina South Pier for dinner. I had some cool Mexican food like Fajita, Chimichangas, Quesadillas and Nachos!

The food was delicious and the place was super cool. It is a REAL boat, a replica of the Mississippi steamboats of the 1800s. But if you have bad history of seasick, I wouldn't suggest because the boat does rock side to side leaving some diners pretty dizzy.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable day out. It's good to be out in the open, soaking up the elements of nature! Maybe our next trip, we can go to Hort Park, Botanic Garden, Dempsey Hill, Labrador Park, Mount Faber... it is getting more exciting & fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day At Great World Serviced Apartment

This is a long overdue post. Around Sept, Mommy brought me and Daddy to celebrate her co-workers' housewarming cum farewell BBQ at Great World Serviced Apartment. It was "hello" for Aunty Lee Lee who was posted to Singapore and "goodbye" for Aunty Astrid who is leaving for home in Indonesia.

Everyone commented that I look like Daddy and I supposed that made him a very happy man!

Daddy took care of me while Mommy was eating.

"Hmm.... I wonder if there is any food I can eat..."

"How did that cone-shaped thing find its way on my head?"

Finally I get my chance to eat. But not the food from the BBQ; Mommy had brought along my home-cooked baby food. It was her receipe of broccoli + potato + cheese.

"Mommy! You keep on talking and forget to feed me!!"

Shared some of my food with Timonthy di di.

Hugged by Aunty Cherie, one of Mommy's best partners at work.

And this is Val jie jie, who is Aunty Cherie's daughter.

Here is another jie jie, Kiera jie jie, daughter of Aunty Astrid.

Lastly a group photo to remember for those who had/still having fun working with my Mommy.

PS: Special thanks to Aunty HH, boss of everyone in the picture, who took ALL the photos that I posted here.

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