Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrating our new helper's birthday

We have got yourselves a new helper since beginning of this month, when our last helper left us to return back to her home in Indonesia.

Although our new helper has just started working for us, we have already bonded well with her. It's her birthday today, Mommy gave her a small gift and Daddy went out to buy a gluten-free cake so that we can celebrate for her.

We sang her Happy Birthday in three languages, English, Malay and Chinese, because our new helper can understand all three languages.

"Happy Birthday, Kakak! Hope that you will be a great help for our family!"

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blast from the Past

We were down at West Coast Plaza for dinner earlier after we picking up our new helper. West Coast Plaza is currently holding Junior Jamboree with activities from the 80s for kids.

Leonitus can't wait to dive into the pool of balls.

I settled for good old colouring, an ever-green activity for kids from any generation. My new helper joined me in the activity.

Daddy was trying to teach Leonitus to play hopscotch. But I didn't think it went well. Hahaha...

Finally Leonitus came to join me, cutting up some pieces of paper.

Wait..wait.. I am almost done. Proud of my work!

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