Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating Daddy's 34th Birthday

Yesterday was my Daddy's 34th birthday. Mommy bought him a birthday cake; it's cheese cake!

Daddy with his two very beautiful children, me and Leonitus.

Mommy joins in for a picture too.

Grands dropped in just at the right of time.

The best part of a birthday is blowing off the candles.

I helped Daddy cut his cake.

I get to be the first to taste the cake.

Waiting for Daddy to cut up the cake so that we can all eat.

A birthday kiss for my loveliest Daddy.

Mommy bought Daddy a cufflink as a birthday present and Daddy likes them very much.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Mosquito Bites YOU"

I was bitten on my cheek and ear by mosquitoes when we were holidaying in Malaysia. And like always, I developed a very serious allergic reaction; my ear swell up so badly, it now resembles a pig's ear.

Here is how my ear should be looking like...

... and now it is red and purplish, rigid, hot and itching real bad!


Monday, March 22, 2010

My Mar School Holiday's Getaway

Daddy was away for business when my Mar School holiday begins, but he came home before the weekend and brought us on a short getaway. We travel together with my 2 uncles and my grandparents.

We went to Sebana Cove Resort which is near Desaru, Malaysia. This was the view from our hotel suite. It's quite nice.

Our suite was quite spacious; it had a living area, a dressing room, an extra large bathroom and a long balcony.

The resort also has a nice pool, but unfortunately I was not feeling well thus I didn't get to swim in it.

We went to a little town and had lobsters for both lunch and dinner. It was yummy but I didn't have much appetite.

I like to be with my Grandpa, he is my favorite, and I am his too!

The next morning, we went to the resort's marina to take some photo.

It was so sunny, I can hardly open my eyes. And I was so hot that I didn't enjoy having my pictures taken.

Here is a picture of Leonitus, looking so peaceful.

We had breakfast at the restaurant before checking out.

One last picture before we make our way back to Singapore.

It could have been fun if not for the swarm of blood thirty mosquitoes!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Singapore Flyer Experience

Daddy brought us to ride on the BIG Ferris wheel; they called it the "Singapore Flyer". Does it really fly?

We had our dinner first before going on the flyer. And I made a friend there, she is like me; so CUTE!

Finally we were going to ride on the biggest Ferris wheel that I had ever see.

Up we go!

Look at the view, it is so beautiful. Daddy was busy snapping pictures.

The cabin is so big, there was only 2 tourists and our family, I was able to run about inside.

Thank you, Daddy for bringing us here.

The flyer looks so majestic from the ground.

A picture with Mommy and Leonitus before we go home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Outing to Marina Barrage

Last Saturday, Mommy suggested that we go to Marina Barrage for a mini family outing. When we reached, I saw so many kites in the sky! It was SO beautiful!

"Look, Mommy. Look!"

I would dash to any kite that had fallen to the ground to take a closer look at it.

I wish I can take this giant octopus kite home.

"See what I have found. A red heart-shaped balloon!"

Mommy had to come and get me before I start picking more things off the ground.

We were comfortable on our mini picnic mat.

"I found a smelly shoe. Wait a minute, I think it is MY smelly shoe."

Daddy had to use a packet drink to lure me so that we can have a family portrait taken.

When the packet drink was finished, they had a hard time trying to take a decent picture of me in the family portrait.

It was so hard to get me to face the camera properly.

Finally some progress here.

This should be one of the best photo of us, as a family, that day

We also got our helper, Kaka Endah, to take picture with us.

Off to play with Kaka Endah.

I think I can fly!

Laying down to watch the kites in the sky with Leonitus.

On our way to dinner, we passed by Mr Water, so I took some pictures with him.

We had steamboat by the water. I ate fish, tofu, vegetable and rice. Yum. Yum.

It was already past 8pm and we were leaving for home. There were lesser kites in the sky. See you, kites. Bye! Bye!

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