Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hiking @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Last Monday, Daddy and Mommy were both not working, so we headed to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for a hike in the morning.

It was a long way to the summit and part of the track was very steep and some were quite winding.

It was a cloudy morning and with the shade provided by canopy of trees, the place was actually quite cooling.

On the way, we saw many old and big trees, some were dead, some must be hundreds of years old already.

We finally reached the summit and there was a monkey to greet us. "Hello monkey, what's your name?"

Leonitus was sleeping throughout our hike up the summit. He will not be so fortunate next time when he had learnt to walk.

It was almost lunch time when we made our way down to the Hindhede quarry to have our picnic.

Look at the spread Mommy prepared. There were ham, salad, chicken nuggets, french toast, bacon, garlic bread, grapes, pears and drinks!

I was off to play while Leonitus and Mommy shared a pear.

There was a playground nearby. I love PLAYGROUND!

Ohhh.. this slide looked a bit frightening. Would it be dangerous?

We weren't the only ones having fun at the playground, the monkeys joined us too.

Before we leave, we must go to the Look-Out-Point at the quarry for some family photos.

That's all folks! We are all bushed; time for our naps.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking On the Gigantic Snow Slide

We were having our dinner at West Coast Plaza on Boxing Day, as I behaved quite alright during dinner, I was allow to play on the gigantic inflatable snow slide. It was 2-storey high but that won't stop me.

Let me do one on the tummy. WooooHHHoooo!!!

Upon reaching the bottom, there were some obstacle-course to clear.

Then I bounced myself into a large inflatable "pool" and pretended to swim.

Leonitus is too young for the gigantic slide but he can play by bouncing himself in the inflatable "pool".

He was having just as much fun too even though he is just a baby.

Happy Holidays, my Friends!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

This year, we had a quiet but cozy Christmas Eve dinner at home as a family. There were garlic loaf, apple-baked ham, salad, cheesy sausages, roasted chicken and black pepper slipper lobsters; all very delicious!

After dinner, we gathered under our Christmas tree, counting our presents.

Then it was time to cut the log cake. Mommy bought a mini chocolate log cake.

Apparently eating the cake wasn't enough for Leonitus, he wanted to eat the decoration that was on the cake as well.

Mommy and Daddy had fresh oysters for supper after we went to bed that evening.

On Christmas Day, we went over to grandaunties' place for Christmas lunch and we played with our cousin Caine and another little boy.

Leonitus and I were super tired and cranky when we took the group picture above; we were so in need of our afternoon naps.

After napping, we went to West Coast Plaza for our dinner. We had steamboat. Look at all that steam!

This was Leonitus' very first Christmas and he is totally loving it!


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