Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last night of 2008

After the New Year's Eve dinner at the Brazilian restaurant on 6th Ave, we went over Uncle Dave's home to chill out.

I was given a whole box of talking toys featured in the "Madagascar 2" movie, so that I can leave the adults in peace.

Then I saw what they were playing was more interesting! I also wanted to join in.

I also want to play "BINGO"!! Let me roll the number balls.

I had a great time at Uncle Dave's place; just look at how sweaty I had become, despite that the whole house was air-conditioned. I didn't manage to stay until countdown because I was too exhausted with all the playing. We left at 11pm.

But nevertheless, Happy New Year to all! May 2009 be a good year for all of you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Visit To Mommy's Office

I accompanied Mommy back to her office on the afternoon of 23rd Dec, because Mommy wanted to deliver some presents for her colleagues before we go for our Christmas holidays.

There were not many people in the office that day, guessed most of them were like Mommy, had already went on leave. But I met some very nice aunties who gave me little toys so that I wouldn't get too bored.

I was given the chance to pluck the mini Christmas tree and pat the reindeer.

Overall, office is really a boring place for babies, especially active ones like me. Mommy only left the place after I let out a super loud scream for boredom. Well, Mommy should have know better, I can't stay in one place for long. 30 minutes already seemed like a lifetime to me!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Speeding in our Grocery Cart

Mommy is going to do her grocery marketing. Daddy wants to help, so do I! And off we go!!

Bringing my baby stroller and the grocery cart seem too much, so Daddy had an idea; that's to ferry me with the grocery cart instead.

Who says shopping for grocery is boring? All it takes a bit of creativity, a dash of humor and loads of energy to turn something normal into exciting games that babies love!

Ready. On the mark. Get set. GO!!!

Zoomm... Zoomm... Zoomm...

**Attention All Parents & Babies, please do not imitate the above act. My Daddy is a trained-professional in grocery cart racing and I am also very highly-skilled in ridding a grocery cart!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Roadtrip

Click to play Christmas Roadtrip

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I had enjoyed this roadtrip very much and I can't wait to go again, but I think Daddy & Mommy might not feel the same as I do.

If you are wondering why, watch the videos which show you how I would behave, more than half of the time.

Example of my mischiefs

Example of my tantrums





Do you think they will still dare to bring me along?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day, 2008

We just came back from our trip hence all the presents were still under the tree. Erm... actually they were not exactly under the tree because Mommy kept them in the cupboard, away from me. She doesn't want to to open the presents before Christmas; she is very traditionally when it comes to this.

Since Boxing Day is the day to rip up those wrapper, Mommy gave me the honor to do the deed.

I decided that I am keeping this necklace because it looks just too good on me. Don't you agree?

Thank you everyone (Mommy's friends and colleagues) for the generous presents, I will put them into good use. hO.. hO.. hO..!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stack Stack Cups Cups

I have been sleeping VERY late recently. Mostly around midnight. Yeah, I know it's way past the bedtime for babies.
So Mommy decided to give me some cups to stack, hoping that it would help to drain off some of those endless energy of mine.

Oh, the rest of the cups you mean... they are probably still under the bed. I shoved them in a while ago.

Haiz... this is not getting anywhere. How interesting can stacking plastic cups be!?

Perhaps I can wear them as hat instead.

Or pretend to drink water from it!

Huh!!?? What do you mean cannot put to the mouth because you haven't wash the cups yet!?!?! You are supposed to wash EVERYTHING before giving to us, babies!!!

Ok, I think I am getting more alert than sleepy, after stacking and unstacking the cups.

I am not mischievous, I am just energetic; like a Duracell Bunny!


Nearly forgot to show off my new vacuum flask! It's pink and has Winnie, The Pooh & Piglet on it! Sweet!!

But when we tried using it the next day, the water just didn't stay hot for too long. Disappointing :(


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun at Fidgets

I went to Fidgets at Turf City yesterday, where they have the largest in-door play structures for babies & older children.

I had lots of fun and I definitely would want to go there again. And if you are babies of my age, do ask your daddies & mommies to bring you there too. It is only $8 per entry and adults get to play for FREE! Can you believe it!?

Well, in fact my daddy & mommy had more fun than some kids there.

Click to play Fun at Fidget

Notes from the video above:

There were just so many colors of balls to choose from. Sometimes too many choices can be confusing for babies.


Oh yes! If you are going there, don't forget your socks!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Dog Lover

Both my Daddy and Mommy are dog lovers who grew up loving dogs and later go on to have dogs of their own.

I would also like to have my own doggy too! So we went to my Uncle Eric's pet shop at Upper Serangoon to look at the puppies. And they were so awesome!!

But Mommy says no pups for me until I am old enough to take care of them myself. Hmm... That's so stereotypical for mothers to do this to their child, isn't it?!
Well, I guess I have to make do with just Oki (Mommy's dog) for the moment.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad case of allergy

I was bitten by mosquitoes on Monday night at my grands' place. When Daddy & Mommy picked me up yesterday night, they got a rude shock seeing the nasty reaction I got from the bites and probably I was also allergic to the cream applied on me.

Daddy was very angry with the mosquitoes, while Mommy's heart ached so bad seeing me like this.

As I have sensitive skin, the bites soon became boils and blisters with pus, surrounded by tiny red bumps. As they were badly infected, it was giving me a slight temperature and some swelling around the eye and ear.

Mommy brought me to the paediatrician today. We came home with many different medicines, Mommy is worried that nobody would be able to administrate the medicines when she goes to work next Monday.

Mommy is sleeping poorly as she is feeling REALLY lousy about not having to stay home to take care of me. Maybe she simply worries too much.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cover Baby Contest

Hey everyone! I am selected from over 200 photos to be among the Top 10 babies competing in the "Cover Baby Contest" for the magazine, 妈妈宝贝!

This was the picture that Mommy sent. But I don't think this picture do me any justice. It looks as if I am a melancholic baby who is very "tao"!

But actually I am a happy-go-lucky baby who has smiles and laughter that can melt your hearts.

Please support me by voting for me if you are a....

1) baby, because I am cute and you know that coz you are a smart baby.

2) male toddler, because I am not only cute but I am also funny and I might potentially be your future gf.

3) man, because I am not only cute and funny, but I also happen to have a pretty and sexy Mommy who might go on a dinner date with you to thank you for voting.

4) woman, because I am not only cute and funny, but I also happen to have a handsome and smart Daddy who might buy you a drink to thank you for voting me.


Voting is simple. Just get your hands on the Dec/Jan issue of the magazine. Turn to the page featuring this contest, cut out my picture, paste it on the back of any envelop and send it to the following address. (see picture below)

So hurry, vote for me. This contest closed 15th January 2009.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A visit to see Uno doggy

It was past midnight, when Mommy received a SMS from Grandaunt telling her that their 14 years old dog, Uno, was very sick and might be dying soon.

Uno used to be Mommy's dog, but now it belongs to grandaunts after Mommy shifted out. Mommy still misses him at times and had loved him very much when she was staying with grandaunts.

So the next day, we went to pay Uno a visit.

Uno was happy to see me and despite feeling rather unwell, he got up to greet me. Perhaps Uno can tell that I am a dog-lover too.

Uno was unable to move a lot because his failed liver and kidneys had caused his tummy and hind-legs to swell up so big that he looked as if he had just swallowed a balloon! But actually, he is all skin and bones.

While we were there, I had fun with the stuff animals found under the big Christmas tree. It was bigger than the one we had at home. At the same time, we were invited by Grandaunts to come over for Christmas feast.

We stayed around for a couple of hours and then we had to go. Mommy said her final goodbye to Uno and she hopes Uno would pass on without too much pain and suffering. Mommy says Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma would take good care of Uno when he goes to heaven to join them.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My First Birthday

It's my first birthday today! Daddy & Mommy threw a party for me at the function room of the condo where we stay. There were many guests; mostly relatives and friends of Daddy & Mommy. We had food, desserts, drinks and my birthday cake! Kids also got to bring home goodie bags, blow-outs and party hats!

I was, trying to tell "Gong Gong" that I am turning ONE today, with 'sign language'! hehehe...


Mommy bought this furry party hat for me but I hate wearing stuff on my head. I just had to take it down when she was not noticing me.


Here was Uncle Weizhang, carrying me to take a closer look at my birthday cake. There were many bears, flowers and balloons on it... but they weren't edible... hmm...


A picture of me with Daddy & Mommy. The photographer of this picture was actually my 6 yrs old uncle!

Party was fun, but I hadn't been sleeping much during my afternoon nap today, hence I was really tired and got a little crankier than usual.

I am tired now, will update again when I get my hands on those birthday pressies and ang baos!

Thank you all who came to my birthday party, I hope you had lotsa FUN!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 More Days To My 1st B'day


Birthday means cake & toys & toys & toys & toys!!!!

I am wishing for....

"Wonder Wheel" from Tiny Love or "Discover & Play" car mirror from Baby Einstein, so I wouldn't get bored when I am strapped to my car seat.

"My Very Own Farm Set" by Softplay. Didn't you know that all babies look up to Old Mac Donald because he had a farm?!

"Elmo Live" by Fisher Price. He not only talk, he cracks jokes, waves, sit & stands. He is way too cool!! Watch him.

"Winnie The Pooh - Slide 'n Learn Storybook" by VTech. Everybody love a good story-teller, don't you agree?
I want a cute thermal flask. I am still a baby and the plain silver thermal flask is just too boring. And also cute design scoop bib, if not I am not going to wear any bib at all!

Please don't ask my parents about what presents I like, they will tell you the most boring and totally not innovative stuff like, Pampers and Milk Powder Formula etc. Adults, they are so predictable.

Oh, if you are invited to my party, you must come and have a good time with me. Come on, how many times can I have a first birthday, right!?


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