Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun at West Coast Park

It's been a while since we last visited West Coast Park. This time we came with our friend, KX. She has been asking her mother to bring her out with us after knowing what great company we can be. Hehe..

KX's mom was really cool, she brought us lots of sand digging tools and even plastic bags for us to play "ta-bao" of the sand, which we pretended that they were bags of rice.

The zip-line was really fun, but accidents do happen if you aren't alert. I knocked into a little girl when she was standing too close to the launch pad of the zip-line. I felt bad after Daddy chided me for not being careful. : (

We had so much fun!!

*Thank you KX's mom for these lovely pictures, taken by her mobile phone.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Have Graduated!

4 years of Preschool and I have graduated last Saturday!

Daddy, Mommy and Leonitus were all here to attend my graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony, the K1 and K2 from all three branches of Orange Tree Preschool put together a performance on the development of our country, Singapore.

My first performance was in Mandarin, where I acted as a little nonya, explaining about Peranakan lifestyle in Singapore's earlier days.

In the second performance, I was dressed up as the Merlion in the modern day Singapore.

Look how serious I was during the performance where we led the people in the concert hall to sing our national anthem - 'Majulah Singapura'.

Waiting for the finale...

Our last performance was a group dance with all the children who had performed for the concert.

I loved it when the confetti rained on us! So fun!

Just at the foyer, we had our art and craft exhibition. I made that swing! It was part of the playground model that my classmates and I put together.

And our composition was also proudly displayed along side.

These are my friends from my school. Some of us have been studying and playing together for four years!

My Daddy loves me so much, he bought me a graduate bear to celebrate my K2 graduation. I think when I graduate from University next time, he will probably buy me a car as present. Hahaha...

This is Teacher Wanqing who had taught both Leonitus and myself. She is a very nice teacher, we love her very much.

Come November, I will not be seeing most of my friends, as we need not attend school any more. I am surely going to miss them very very much!

Preschool had been a wonderful journey. Thank you to all the teachers and staff in Orange Tree Preschool, CCK branch. I will always love this school because of YOU!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reading Aloud

Leonitus is getting better and better at reading. Way to go, my little brother!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival 2013

Yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival, but I like to call it Lantern Festival because Singapore really doesn't have four seasons and it is just summer all year round.

Anyway, after eating out D24 durian mooncake, we got out lanterns and headed to the park.

There were already many people in the park, carrying their lanterns or lighting up candles and sparklers.

We had wanted to play and get ourselves dirty at the playground, but we kind of just showered, so we will leave that for another day.

We walked round the park to the darker area where our lanterns really glowed!

It was close to our bedtime and we got to head home. Mommy was quite surprised that we didn't burn down our lanterns because this is the first time we were using real flames, and not bulbs.

This morning, Mommy woke up early to dress us up for our school's Mid Autumn celebration. She dressed us to a retro theme. Haha..

Finally Mommy was able to capture a decent picture of Leonitus who is always goofing around in front of the camera.

Looking forward to have that last durian mooncake in the fridge. I heard it is a Mao Shan Wang one! Yummy!!
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