Monday, January 21, 2013

Leonitus turns 3!

Leonitus is three years old today! Mommy picked a cake with his favourite Bumblebee on it. Leonitus is a big Transformers fan.

We had a small celebration in school with his classmates from Nursery 1 class.

And being the dear sister of Leonitus, I got to be the guest star! YEAH!

I sang him the birthday song together with his classmates and helped him blew off the candles.

Then Mommy held Leonitus' hand and cut his birthday cake.

Besides the cake, everyone gets a goody bag too. There is a snack, a drink and even a small toy car in it.

The fresh cream cake with strawberries filling was really delicious! All of us love it.

A group photo with his classmates before the celebration comes to an end.

Happy Birthday, my dearest brother!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Day 2013 @ The Warren

I had been a little under the weather since last Friday, but I really wanted to go to our condo's Family Day Fair. So Daddy let us go for a little while.

First game station, where I tried to bring down the cans with 3 beans bags. But I wasn't successful.

It was Leonitus' turn. He was worst than me, he didn't even strike any cans. Hahahaha...

Then we tried our hands on the mini basketballs. Daddy became our ball pickers. Failed again.

The last game station. I had to fish for 3 parcels in under 3 minutes. Mommy came to help me. And she was so good that we fished 3 parcels in under a minute! I finally win a prize of a packet of candies!

Then it was time for me to return home to rest. Next year, I will come back and try for more.

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