Monday, July 30, 2012


We are both sick. Mommy brought us to KKH first thing in the morning, after I cried the entire night because my ear was so painful. We were both feeling very cold, the nurse brought us a blanket. She was so nice.

Leonitus was wheezing, doctor arranged for an x-ray for him.

It turned out that I have middle ear infection and Leonitus have lung infection, which explained why the both of us are having such bad fever.

Leonitus was getting cranky when we returned home, his temperature had shot up to 39.5!

Hopefully we will recover soon after taking the anti-biotics. No school for us for the next couple of days.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old habit dies hard

I have this very queer habit of slipping my finger through the label of my stuffed piglet when I sleep. Been doing this since I was a baby. I might changed several different piglet already, but this habit is here to stay.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fireworks and Cannon Balls

Yesterday we were having dinner at Sol Tasca, a Spanish restaurant which serves very delicious tapas. The restaurant is built right below the Esplanade bridge, what an usual sight. 

Half way through our dinner, we were startled by very loud thunderous sound. It was then that we realized that the NPD parade rehearsal was taking place not too far from us.

After our dinner, we walked to the Merlion waterfront where we saw many boats. They seemed to be dragging something, which turned out to be a spectacular display of fire and lights on the water.

There were fighter jets flying in the sky, creating a deafening noise. Leonitus didn't quite like that.

Towards the end of the rehearsal, we even caught fireworks display. It was such a beautiful sight. We were so lucky to experience it.

What an unexpected surprise to our usual weekend eat-out!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Appetite

Last week, Leonitus was sick for many days. His appetite became really bad; dinner often became 'war' time. Mommy and Daddy would coax him, cajole him, force him, threaten him, just to get him to open his mouth. Even after they succeeded in putting food into his mouth, Leonitus would not swallow his food.

This video showed how persistent Leonitus was. Finally Daddy had to whip out one of Leonitus' favourite food - coconut, so as to get him to swallow his mouthful of rice.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday Party at Fidgets

Last Saturday, I was invited to my classmate, Victoria's birthday party at Fidgets. I have been to Fidgets many times, but it was my first time celebrating someone's birthday at this all so familiar place.

Here are my birthday girl, Victoria and her friend, birthday boy, Gaius.

There was even a pinata at the party. We took turns and whacked it with a stick until it broke opened, pouring out candies and chocolates.

After the birthday party, I joined my brother, Leonitus at the play area.

Both of us are such dare-devils, taking turns to challenge the giant slides.

We always have a good time at Fidgets, this time too, but Turf City is undergoing some major renovation making the place really dusty and dirty. Hopefully, we will be back when the place completes.

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