Monday, July 28, 2008

Strange Taste

Mommy says ice is made of water, but how come it is cold and hard? Instead of answering my question, I learnt it thru the practical way -
Play and make a mess!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Karein's Birthday

Today is the birthday of Karein, our domestic helper. I went with Daddy & Mommy to buy a birthday cake for Karein. We bought a chocolate mousse cake. Karein will love it.

On the way home, we stop by Yami Yogurt, Daddy ordered a peach flavored yogurt, which he shared with Mommy. Daddy fed some to me and it tasted so sour that my face crinkled up.

When Karein was in the room changing my diaper, Mommy secretly went to prepare the cake. Then she switched off all the lights at home and lit the birthday candle to surprise Karein.

Karein was so shy that she didn't want to pose for the camera, but finally she agreed only if I pose together with her. Machiam like it's my birthday lor.

They took so long to figure out how to cut the cake. I was getting a little impatient. I wanted to help them, but they put the cake so far away from me. Later I found something in the cake box to keep me occupied. It's soft and cool but it was tasteless.

Everybody had cake, but I had to eat brown rice cereal :( Finally Mommy offered a tiny piece of cake to me. But I wasn't that interested anymore coz I had already eaten loads of cereal.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Love Weekends

I love weekends because I get to laze around with Mommy, on her big spacious bed, for many hours coz she don't have to go work.

And I can hang out with Daddy, who will carry me and throw me into the air!

So exciting!! Luckily he didn't drop me.

Sometimes, we will go out as a family, when I promise to be good. But usually I don't keep my promise very well.

Like today, we went to 外婆 's house to visit her; the moment I stepped into her house I kept crying becoz I was sleepy. I napped for a while and then woke up to play with doggy, 小碧. There was another dog which was very naughty and fierce, so it was caged up. Mommy says that one is a "tiger"! But I didn't see any strips on it.

When I thought no one is seeing, I tried to pull 小碧 's hair. hehehe...

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am not notty, I am just a baby

Some parents like to stereotype babies as:

Girls = Gentle and Quiet
Clever = Can Drink Milk on Your Own
Good Baby = Play by Yourself in the Cot
Naughty Baby = Make noise/Climb Here & There/ Touch This & That

I am neither gentle nor quiet. I will snatch the milk bottle from you when I am very hungry; after I grabbed the bottle, I expect you to hold it for me until I finish. Do you call me stupid for that? I can play by myself in my cot... for at most 15mins, then I will scream if you still don't appear in front of my face because I miss you already.

I taste the coffee table first before I decide that I want to "mountain-climb" on top of it.

I stretch to reach for the TV remote. Only to have you put all remotes away.

Then I found a piece of tissue paper. I attempted to perform my act of "Tissue Swallowing". When you prevented me from doing my act, I get angry and then tore up the tissue into small bits because that's my idea of fun.

Despite all these, I know you will still love me and I am still Daddy's precious little girl!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's for lunch?

People : "How heavy is your baby?"
Mommy : "She is 9kg."
People : " Woah! What you give her eat?"
Mommy : "Fruit & veg, but mostly she drinks milk lah."
People : "Must be eat & drink a lot lah."
Mommy : "Ok lah. Normal lor."

I drink about 120-150ml of milk each time, for about 5-6 times thru out 24 hrs. I also eat semi-solid food like rice cereal, pureed fruit & vegetable and porridge for lunch and sometimes when I can't finish all the food, I will have the rest as my dinner.

So far, I will eat most of the stuff, but I kinda hate eating potato and sweet potato. My fav is CARROTS!! I can have carrots with apple or carrots with pumpkin. Or just plain carrots!

Today's Special : Pumpkin and Pear Pureed.

In order to cultivate good dinning habits, Mommy will try to put me up on the high-chair when it's time to be fed. Sometimes, I will cooperate, sometimes I make noise about being in it.

Today, my mood is good lah.

Finish eating already, now can play.

Carrots for tomorrow? Really?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Want Ramen!

Yesterday, Daddy & Mommy brought me along to have lunch at AJISEN RAMEN at Lot 1 Shopper's Mall.

The waitress gave us each a menu. I got a menu too. Hehe... :))

Let me study the menu and see what's good to eat.

Daddy said I am too young for any of the food here.

"Hummpf" I sulk :S

And then made so much noise that Daddy & Mommy can't eat in peace.

Hmm... take this promotional leaflet home. Next time when I am old enough to eat ramen I can then use it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mischief, That's My Middle Name!

"Hey! Look, I can get my hands on the string curtains!"

"Pull! Pull more! This is gonna be so much fun!"

"Ya! I am enjoying this!"

"Opss... I seems to be caught in a tangle."

"Shit! It's getting my feet too." "Arrgghh... "

"Maybe, I should just focus on getting it off my face first."


Friday, July 18, 2008

The Choleric Baby

Mommy read a book on baby's personalities. There are 4 types of human personalities and here are the distinctive features when they are babies:

1) Sanguines: Cheerful & out-going, loves the attention of having people constantly around them. Tends to be superficial and conceited.

2) Cholerics: High in energy, task oriented and competitive. If energy is not properly release, they would turn their excess energy into pranks & trouble-making.

3)Phlegmetics: Contented, patient and are always balanced. But sometimes they can be lazy, indecisive & complacent.

4) Melancholics: Sensitive, creative and has wonderful imagination. They tends to be moody, hard to please and introverted.

WHAT AM I? I am Choleric!

I must constantly be on the move.

Play this with me now, read that to me later, then jump, then roll, then shout...

Always asking, "What's next? What's next?"

When I get bored, I ripped newspaper.

When I am done ripping up newspaper; I dance on the coffee-table top.

Mommy says I am a Energizer Bunny!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Day at Vivo City

Mommy knows I love to play with water. So when Daddy wanted to bring us out shopping, she immediately suggested Vivo City, as there is a sky roof with play pool, most suitable for a wonderful family outing!

Here is my yummy mommy! Isn't she pretty?

Let me go testing water first. Mommy was worried that Daddy would drop me by accident.

I love it when Daddy piggy-back me! I get the chance to pull his hair and drool on his head!

Daddy & Mommy looking silly in this final picture. We had a great day of fun! Let's do this again ok! Next time, I will bring along my suitwear.

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