Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our second trip to Montigo Resorts, Batam

Our childcare centre was closed for two days on 27 and 28 May, so Mommy and Daddy took leave and brought us to Montigo Resorts, Batam. It was our second trip there, we were there last Christmas with our grandma but the experience wasn't good. So Mommy wrote a bad review for it and the resort invited us back as an apology.

This time we were staying only for one night, we got a complimentary stay at the Spa Villa with a lovely cabana, extended from our villa's pool.

We brought along our helper, this time. It is her first trip with us, since she started working for us only in April.

We couldn't wait to hit our villa's pool. It was looking so inviting!

We had just started lessons on swimming, but we still couldn't really swim without our floats yet.

I was tall enough to tiptoe in the water. 

At first, Leonitus was afraid to jump into the water, so he asked Mommy to accompany him on his first jump.

After that, he got more and more daring and started jumping into the water on his own.

Daddy thinks Leonitus will make a better swimmer because he wasn't afraid of the water, unlike me.

The sun was setting, making a beautiful skyline. We could see Singapore from here. Can you see the iconic Marina Bay Sands?

We were having a BBQ dinner on our villa's roof top. We brought along our own food because the BBQ from the resorts was extraordinary expensive.

"Look, Mommy, it's an aeroplane!" She was too busy preparing our dinner.

Daddy popped the wine that we brought.

Then we wrote our wishes on the Kong Ming lanterns. Mommy's and Daddy's was the same. They wished for us to be well-behaved. As always.

Mommy also wanted happiness and beauty. Typical woman.

For our second lantern, we wished for lots of loves.

The next day, we took the buggy to the restaurant for breakfast.

The restaurant is overlooking the main pool, surrounded by greenery.

Leonitus was enjoying his watermelon. Both of us love eating fruits.

It was time to play after our breakfast. We heard the Kids' Club is ready, but not officially opened. We were going to take a look anyway.

As the Kids' Club was not officially open, we were the only kids there.

While Leonitus chose to stay and play at the Kids' Club, I headed for the main pool with Daddy.

I had a short swim there because the water was really cold that day.

We made our way home in the late afternoon after an enjoyable time at Montigo Resorts. We even got to bring home the Resort's mascot, Tilo, compliment of the resorts.

Goodbye Montigo Resorts! You served us well.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Time To Run

Last Sunday, we were at the Padang for Cold Storage Kids Run 2013. It had been two years since our last run, we missed out on the run last year.

It was a very hot and sunny day so it was important to hydrate ourselves before the big run.

First up for the race, it was Daddy and me, tag-team for the 800m run.

Getting ready at the starting line.

Just like two years ago, I ran as fast as I possibly can, from beginning all the way to the end.

Look at me run. I was as swift as the wind!

Next was Leonitus and Mommy. They also tag-team to compete in the 800m race. It was Leonitus' first real run. Two ago year, he was in the stroller while Mommy pushed him throughout the 800m.

Leonitus dashed ahead as fast as he could when the race started...

After about 200m, he slowed to a jog...

After 400m, he turned around and told Mommy his legs were tired already. Then he began to walk...

Still, we are proud of Leonitus, who completed the race without giving up. Mommy was glad she didn't have to carry him across the finishing line.

He put on Daddy's sunglasses and act cool.

Every runner needs a banana to replenish the energy, so does our first-time runner.

It was a good run and we enjoyed ourselves very much despite the super hot weather. We will be back next year!

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